Letter to Editor

In the face of crippling quad bike laws about to be introduced in Queensland, some bike dealers are their own worst enemies.

After a ring around of most quad bike dealers in Cairns and the Tablelands, it was discovered none stock essential low pressure tyre gauges.

Any experienced quad bike rider will know the most dangerous aspect of riding is to have incorrect tyre pressures. Quads run on low pressure air, and if pressures are too low, too high or uneven a rider is courting disaster.

If tyre pressures are not evenly maintained at 4 to 5 psi, the bike can become unstable and hard to steer at any speed and most prone to rollover. All dealers have a duty of care under new regulations and at common law to ensure the purchaser of a new or used quad is familiar with the machine and has an understanding of safety requirements.

Equal and correct tyre pressure is first and foremost. Why do quad dealers not carry low pressure air gauges? Honda and Suzuki quads have such gauges included in their standard toolkits but it seems a few of their parts departments are not aware of the safety requirement for proper tyre pressures.

One would hope they start to stock such an important yet inexpensive item.

Yours faithfully,

Jim Lee