Ignore the NSW Liberal/National Party policies that will put you in jail for seven years if you protest against any mining activity even on your own freehold land(Deed of Grant in fee simple). This policy of the NSW Liberal/National Party Corporation only applies to a ‘’thing’. Their corporate policies are gender neutral and do not apply to a living human being. Toss out the NSW party duopoly at the election and replace them with independents and smaller parties. It is working extremely well in Queensland where two Katters Australia Party members and an independent control the excesses of the Labor Government. Bob Katter is the only Australian politician who has ever stood up to the foreign owned CSG mining companies. He has a bill on the table in Federal Parliament for an immediate moratorium on CSG, awaiting support from other members. Unfortunately the CSG companies own the Australian Liberal/National Party, ‘lock, stock and barrel.’ Do not be misled by the lies of the Labor Party. They too wholly support CSG companies, particularly in Queensland where it is a policy platform. The Greens have been in the senate for a decade or more and have not introduced a bill to stop CSG. They too are false prophets with their noses in the trough.


Local Communities Fight Back!

A social movement is sweeping the nation.

Communities are coming together to fight for their way of life and protect their health, their environment and their future…

And they’re having FUN!


All around Australia people are getting involved in the fight against gas mining at the local level. Some communities are even achieving big wins against these mining giants!

People are going door to door and surveying their own communities in a grassroots democracy process. More than 360 communities have declared themselves Gasfield Free. They’re not waiting for their governments, they’re doing it for themselves!

And don’t believe for a moment that this only applies to rural communities – Sydney’s Drinking Water Catchment is also under coal and gas licenses. Nothing is safe.

So – do you know what could happen to your local community?


I hope to see you at future events.

Thanks for standing with us,

Annie Kia – Community Engagement Coordinator

p.s. We can’t do this alone – we’d love to have your help!

Lock the Gate Alliance · PO Box 6285, Sth Lismore, NSW 2480, Australia