Member for Kennedy, Hon Bob Katter is recalling the wisdom of former Queensland Premier, “Joh” Bjelke-Petersen when advising Queenslanders not to vote for a four year term for the Queensland State Government in this Saturday’s referendum.

“Joh had great saying that ‘if you can’t get it done in three years, you most certainly don’t deserve four’. That is absolutely true. We have had a series of absolutely disastrous governments in Queensland for the last 25 years. We have changed our premier every 2.5 years. There has been such rage against the people in office that I don’t think the people are going to vote for an extra year for those in power.

“I personally don’t know of a single permanent job that has been created by a single dollar on infrastructure in the last 25 years in Queensland.

“The money has been spent on self-indulgence, pleasure domes and whirly gigs. Indulgence spending can get you votes, but the people of Queensland are not dumb; they know indulgence spending does not give you jobs, and that’s what this State desperately needs.

“If you can’t get the job done in three years you should not be there,” Mr Katter said.

He said the Government is supported by departments with thousands of people working in them; there is no reason why governments should not be able to work faster and more efficiently than they do.

“How long does it take to make a decision? They say “Give us four years” – then they will want five years. The longer the politicians have in office, the less say the people have.”

Mr Katter said the threat against democracy is occurring in both State and Federal politics.

“The State Government wants an extra year of power, and the Federal Government is proposing legislation that rules out anyone but major parties in the Senate.

“The move to stifle democracy is going at 100 miles per hour. People have their chance this Saturday to vote NO to a four year term and YES to democracy.”