Press Conference – Senate and House of Reps Cross Benchers address media to stop TPP


Senate and House of Representatives

Cross Benchers

Will address the media Tuesday, 9 February 2016

TIME: 12:45pm (Canberra time)

PLACE: Senate Courtyard, Parliament House, Canberra

Cross Benchers from both the Upper and Lower Houses of Parliament will address the media today to take a united front against the TPP Agreement – the full details of which have been tabled in the Parliament today.

Mr Katter’s position is that the TPP Agreement is the greatest threat to Australia’s sovereignty in decades and delivers nothing in the way of tangible benefits for Australian producers and manufacturers.


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  1. Aussi MPs stand up with Australians and help get rid of the traitors in our Parliament, also all those MPs, who didnt not plead allegiance to Australia on the BIble but were allowed to do so on the KORAN that is not in our constitution…… and time we all had a reality check

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