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Letters to editor condemn Morrison:

David Morrison in my experience serving under his command when he was Deputy Chief of Army around 2009-2010 and the Chief of Army’s Office itself, have previously shown a severe lack of oversight in the management, welfare and wellbeing of soldiers and Officers under his and their command. In particular Soldiers and Officers affected by Defence Abuse, a dysfunctional military justice system, poor complaints resolution system and defective defence administration system.

The written response I received from David Morrison with respect to the above defective processes was totally inadequate and unacceptable. It took an impartial Defence Abuse Response Task Force in 2013-14 to look into my complaints and submission to determine that I had been wronged through abuse and defective administration and military justice system between 2002 – 2009 whilst I was serving in the Army.

My ongoing complaint into these matters is something David Morrison could have addressed in his posting tenure as Deputy Chief of Army but he and the Chief of Army’s office chose not to admit that I had been wronged or show moral leadership, compassion, give me a fair go or assist in righting the wrongs.

Instead they “The army” dragged my official complaint on for 4 years with no positive outcome. The lengthy complaints resolution process that I commenced in 2006 created a much unwanted burden on me that eventually took its toll in 2014 where I was medically discharged.

Although equality for women is a noble cause, David Morrison (who’s military service was otherwise valued by the country) is not deserving of Australian of the Year Award. He simply does not tick all the boxes and would be more suited to putting all of his efforts, knowledge, military experience etc into causes like homeless veterans, fixing the military compensation system, the PTSD epidemic and defence culture.

My opinion is that David Morrison has wrongly placed gender equality of Transvestites and Gay’s as his main priority rather than the welfare and wellbeing of sick soldiers and officers that were under his command, who are suffering from PTSD, bullying and physical injury caused by abuse whilst they were serving in the Army and on operations.

Brett Wilson, Australia

Australian of the Year David Morrison’s appointment not accepted by Diggers

This is nothing but a political appointment. He does not deserve it. There are much better candidates than Morrison. He has never lead men into battle; done nothing for any Communities or Charities nor do you support any Service men and women who are injured during their Service. Resign now.

Arthur Jordan, Metford, Australia

You as a retired so called leader of the forces you sent into harm’s way you have shown little regard to their health and well being after their return. Yes I am a return Vet from before your time thank heavens as I am sure we would not have seen eye to eye. The Vietnam Vets put up a big fight to get what we got and I believe the ADF have forgotten the lessons learnt from that period and have put their heads back in the sand so as not to see what is going on and are leading the Federal GOVERMENT a blind alley over this issue.

You are the one to blame for this as you have only looked after yourself and stuff the rest of your Troops so go and sit in the corner where we do not have to see or hear from you.

John Boag, Morayfield, QLD

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