3 October 2015: KAP Leader and Member for Kennedy Bob Katter has today congratulated the Gulf community of Burketown on its new $686,700, 36-metre pontoon and gangway on the Albert River.

“We see this as part of the of the movement forward in the area. The pontoon will enhance the Gulf as a fishing tourism destination and will complement nearby fishing attractions such as the resort on Sweers Island,” Mr Katter said.

The project became a reality after receiving Federal Funding of $160,000 combined with State Funding of $180,000, Council funding of $326,700 and $20,000 from the Volunteer Marine Rescue.

Mr Katter believes this is part of the bigger vision for the region and that other benefits and developments will occur as a result.

“The pontoon is a first step in the bigger picture for the Gulf.

“This is the movement forward to our argument that the river could be used in conjunction with a canal to develop local resource projects. We emphasis that these must be locally owned and controlled.

“This further enhances and restores Burketown as a port on the eastern side of the peninsula.

“It could also potentially provide assistance for the barge service either now or in the future to Mornington Island,” Mr Katter said.

In addition to congratulating the Burketown community, Mr Katter paid tribute to State Member for Mount Isa Robbie Katter MP on securing the funding and thanked the Federal Government for seeing the opportunities this project will create.

Background on the Pontoon


The pontoon and gangway will be constructed to accommodate the full tidal range and provide appropriate access for mobility impaired users. The pontoon will provide a safe option for boarding and disembarking marine craft, reducing the potential for crocodile attacks and other hazards. The project will enable locals and increasing numbers of tourists to get more out of the region’s natural attractions as well as providing opportunities for local business development. The pontoon will also provide for safe transfer of people and supplies during floods and other hazardous weather events when road and air access is impossible.