In the winter of 1932-1933,

7 million Ukrainians were starved

to death by the Stalin Regime,

who stole their stores of wheat

and sold it all on the international

market. Ukrainian children who

would desperately venture into a

wheat fields, to grab an ear of

grain, were shot on the spot by

Soviet soldiers. This was the

swiftest genocide in history – a

genocide, which has been erased

from history.

As one interviewee says here,

"Initially, when Communists come

into power – it doesn’t matter where

– be it in Russia or Poland, in Cuba,

in Nicaragua – it doesn’t matter –

in China – initially, they destroy

about 10% of the population – and

that’s very specific: This is used,

not to kill enemies – they’re not

enemies – it’s to restructure the

fabric of society. It’s a social


"Top intellectuals, best workers,

best engineers; they’d kill them all.

And then, they’d try to re-structure

the new society."

Video (9 and a half mins):

The Soviet Story (2008)


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