It’s all in the family

Why does the Left media protect the left?

Because the political commentators of the Left media are either intermingled or married to the left politicians.

It’s a family thing and they protect their own.

Greg Combet (Labor) partnered to Juanita Phillips (ABC).

Gai Brodtmann (Labor) married to Chris Uhlmann (ABC)

David Feeney (Labor) married to Liberty Sanger (guest commentor on ABC)

Barry Cassidy (ABC) former speech writer for Bob Hawke (Labor) from 1986-1991

Heather Ewart (ABC) married to Barry Cassidy (ABC) speech writer for Bob Hawke (Labor) from 1986-1991

Maxine McKew (ABC) married to Bob Hogg (former ALP national secretary)

Maxine McKew (ABC) became Labor politician.

Virginia Trioli (ABC) married to Russell Skelton (The Age)

Mark Kenny (Fairfax) married to Virginia Haussegger (ABC)

Christine Wallace (ABC & Fairfax) married to Michael Costello (former Chief of Staff to Labor’s Kim Beazley)

Annabel Crabb (former Fairfax journalist now with the ABC)

Tony Jones (ABC) married to Sarah Ferguson (ABC) Coincidentally Jones took over the Lateline role from Maxine McKew

(from ABC presenter to Labor politician. Ferguson, with the aid of extremist mob Animals Australia destroyed the live cattle trade to Indonesia)

David Penberthy (journalist) married to Kate Ellis (Labor)

Paul Kelly (former Fairfax journalist) formerly married to Ros Kelly (Labor)

Kerry O’Brien (ABC) former press secretary to Gough Whitlam.

Mark Colvin (ABC) married to Michelle McKenzie (Leichhardt deputy-mayor and Greens Councillor)

Denis Atkins (ABC Insiders regular) married to Melanie Christensen (ABC Canberra)

Paul Barry (ABC) married to Lisa McGregor (ABC)

The lamentable Mike Carlton (formerly Fairfax) and Morag Ramsay (ABC)

Andrew Fraser (Fairfax) and Catriona Jackson (formerly Fairfax and Labor press secretary)

And so the list goes on.

Labor, Fairfax and the ABC are joined at the hip. Much like the relationship between Labor and the unions.

Why do they protect Burke where they savage Bishop?

They’re just looking after the family.