… low level diplomacy out of Indo

by Larry Pickering

Perhaps successive Australian Governments will now admit that decades of grovelling and tens of billions of unaccounted for taxpayers’ money gifted to a decadently corrupt, duplicitous Islamic nation has been counter-productive.

It’s exactly what intelligent Aussies have been saying for years and Hockey’s budget should now show this stupidity is about to stop… but it won’t… a “respectable” reduction more like it.

“Indonesia at the moment is no longer a country that needs aid for development,” said Indonesia’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Armanatha Nasir. “Nevertheless, any aid given by Australia is their effort to increase, to strengthen our partnership. And so, it’s their right to give, but Indonesia is not asking.”

Forget the executions, the hypocrisy, the lies, the lack of respect, the overt disdain for Australia. Underlying the real Indo anger is the fact that the boats were stopped by bribing the military and it has really got up the noses of the Indo Government. It was humiliatingly left out of the payola loop and demonstrated the military’s autonomy and influence over “elected” officials.

There is a separate diplomatic handbook for dealing with Islamic States and it reads something like this: Never go cap in hand (or hand in pocket) to an Islamic nation, always place a gun on the table before taking your seat.

Never arrive bearing gifts, and never ever show weakness or a willingness to assist without a quid pro quo and always observe with pride your national dress code, not theirs.

After all, that’s what all visiting national dignitaries do… except Australia’s. Did Gandhi or the Dalai Lama change into a three-piece suit? Did Golda Meir change into a mini skirt and boob tube?

And remember Islam was built on trading among its own and dominance over others so stop donating and start some hard bargaining.

And if you think Indonesia can ever be a military threat to Australia then you, like Indonesia, have got your hand on it.

Islam has always had a grossly inflated estimate of its own military ability, and as long as China (who will not stand for any of this Islamic bullshit) has interests here in Australia, Indonesia will not annex anything we don’t want it to, including West Papua.

It’s time to take a stand both there and at home. Islam will continue to run amok as long as we encourage it with cowardice.

It was sickening to see a Melbourne policeman following strict instructions to describe the Mother’s Day pipe bombs made by mad Muslim kids as, “another isolated incident” and, “just another violent crime that has no basis in faith”. Hmmm.

How is it possible to deal with a serious problem when we refuse to admit it exists?