KAP MP’s Shane Knuth, Dalrymple and Robbie Katter, Mt Isa

Thursday 5 February 2015

KAP MPs Rob Katter and Shane Knuth called a media conference at Parliament this morning to deliver the message that it’s too early to call which party they would support.

Although they have had discussions with both parties, they said they haven’t yet had feedback on their key policy points.

“Although we know Peter Wellington will come out with his decision this morning, in our opinion it’s like running toward the goal line without the ball,” Mr Katter said

“This is a big process and a big opportunity for Queensland, and we can’t do it in two or three days.

“Queensland is still in a state of flux; it is far too premature and any announcement today from any of the cross benchers does not deliver stable government to Queensland.”

The two MPs said they would be working very hard working with both parties to get the best outcome for Queensland, but with five seats in doubt the MPs said it was too early to make a decision.

“We will be waiting for all the seats to be decided, that is the most fundamental decision.

“Rushing into something is not getting it right,” Mr Knuth said, adding he and Mr Katter had been consulting with their electorates and councils.

“We have met with the Treasurer and the Coordinator General to discuss the finances of Queensland and what we can afford,” Mr Knuth said.

Mr Katter said there was no clear mandate and although they had consulted with both sides, they had yet to get feedback.

“Queenslanders spoke at the polls; the ALP got belted at the last election; LNP got belted at this election.

“Across the electorate, the LNP have got the most primary votes, but the ALP have the most seats.

“So we don’t see there is a clear mandate at this stage, as to who should govern.

“That leaves us in a position where we can deliver something special to the people of Queensland

“We have the leverage to deliver the Galilee basin, establish an ethanol industry, jobs and investment in infrastructure for Queensland.

“We haven’t even got feedback from both sides on how that will happen,” Mr Katter said.

“We believe there’s a fair appetite for the policies we represent in Queensland. One of those is developmentalism; that’s the primary driver for our decision making.”

"Put simply even with Peter Wellington’s announcement today we still do not have government in Queensland."