AMTV host, Christopher Greene

explains how since 2008, the US

has increased oil production by an

astounding 50%, made possible

by hydraulic, horizontal drilling

known as "fracking," making the

US the world’s number one

producer of natural gas and

doubling oil production in the

States of Texas and Oklahoma,

in just six years.

Back in 2008-2009, the price of

oil was $200 per barrel. Lately,

it’s been trading at barely $70 per

barrel and forecasted to go as low

as $30-$40, before stabilizing at

$60. This is disastrous for the

Russian and Iranian economies,

which are almost exclusively

dependent on petroleum sales to

run their economies.

The Russian Ruble has lost 60% of

its value compared to the US dollar

over the past year, due to the slide

in the price of oil, compounded by

the US-NATO economic sanctions.

A similar currency crash has occurred

with the Iranian Rial.

As a result of these economic sanctions

and depressed oil prices, industrial

output in Russia is down, inflations is

edging into the double-digits, which

amounts to economic warfare – which

is commonly seen before physical war…

and there’s more…

Video Total: (around 15 mins)

Oil Price Drop Signals Global Depression and WW3

From Alexandra Bruce