How many times do I have to tell the people they are being ripped off on petrol and diesel prices .How long will it be before they will wake up to the fact that their representatives in government are allowing you to be ripped off because they want the extra tax money .How many times will you read what I say and shake your head and ask yourself what can I do about it. If you do nothing you will be ripped off for the rest of your life, you are already paying a premium for everything that is either manufactured or transported. You don’t seem to understand that nearly every item you use in your daily life is affected by the cost of fuel, when oil prices started to raise you were informend by an oil company representative that for every dollar a barrel of oil costs you should be paying one cent per litre at the pump. That means you should be paying around 70 cents per litre , You only have to look at the difference in petrol and diesel prices in areas like Brisbane against Rockhampton Where petrol was $1.48 a litre ( Rocky ) or $1.33 a litre in Mackay against $1.23 a litre in Brisbane at some out lets . You are being ripped off and it’s about time you demanded that the ACCC gets off their lazy arses and do the job we pay them for and investigate oil prices and come back with a true and unbiased report on the oil industry and the true costs and what the retail prices should be

Peter Schuback

Hervey bay