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15 December 2014

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Previous edition: ‘Breaking: Sydney airspace shut down, Channel 7 studios evacuated during Martin Place siege.’

NSAssociate Google Relegates 14 Dec. 2014 CLG News to Spam Bin, Strips Links and Warns Recipient Posted by Lori Price, 14 Dec 2014 NSAssociate Google did not like the content of Sunday’s CLG Newsletter, and decided that all links should be removed from the newsletter and it should be considered ‘spam.’ Perhaps Google didn’t like the subject line: ‘Breaking: Sydney airspace shut down, Channel 7 studios evacuated during Martin Place siege.’ (See screenshot.) To add to the insanity? CLG’s mail server delivered doubles of the newsletter. (See trouble ticket post.) It’s basically a ‘war on CLG,’ daily.

Holy coincidence, Batman!

posted by todayvideos999: Sydney played host to war games overnight as Australian Defence personnel took part in after dark counter-terrorism training in Martin Place.

Sydney Hostage Siege: Four Bombs Claim 15 Dec 2014 A gunman has taken dozens of people hostage in a cafe in Sydney’s financial district. Two Arabic flags similar to those used by Islamic State have been seen inside the Lindt chocolate shop and cafe in Martin Place. The hostage taker has reportedly claimed to have four bombs – two inside the cafe and two in the financial district. Martin Place – home to the Reserve Bank of Australia, commercial banks and close to the New South Wales state parliament – has been closed off and up to 100 heavily armed police are surrounding the area.

FIVE HOSTAGES ESCAPE: Two women and three men break free from a Sydney cafe as police ‘make contact’ with Muslim extremist armed with a shotgun, machete and suspected bomb 15 Dec 2014 Two young female employees have now fled a central Sydney cafe more than seven hours after a terrorist armed with a gun took dozens of people hostage and forced crying women to hold a black Islamic flag up to the window. A total of five hostages have now escaped Lindt cafe in Martin Place after a male employee and two male customers ran out a fire exit and hid behind heavily armed police officers shortly before 3.45pm on Monday. There are claims that the terrorist is also armed with a machete and may have explosives but this has not been confirmed by police. One of the hostage-takers has made contact with officers saying that he has ‘devices all over the city’ and ‘wants to speak with the prime minister live on radio’, according to Ray Hadley, from 2GB. Armed police have sealed off streets around the cafe and Martin Place station is shut as officers operate according to their counter terrorism protocols. [Yes, it was the ‘babies pulled from the incubators’ all over again. Crying women forced to hold black Islamic flags; babies pulled from incubators