19 November 2014:

Bob Katter

KAP Leader and Federal Member for Kennedy Bob Katter have expressed concern at media reports that the Free Trade Agreement with China could pave the way for increased foreign ownership of Australian assets and land.

“The last report I saw said Australia is 11% foreign owned. 52% of our land in Australia is designated desert. Over 25% of Australia is reserved for our First Australians. Of the 33% left, 11% is foreign owned.

“Let there be no doubt this will now be increased,” Mr Katter said.

Mr Katter said it is simply more billows of bulldust from Canberra which will blow away the last venture of manufacturing and decimate agriculture in this country.

“Just in the area of dairying alone, the biggest aggregation of dairying in Australia is in Tasmania and it is owned by the Chinese.

“Reportedly some 15% of Victorian dairy farms are foreign owned.

“The biggest dairy farm in Australian history has been announced, in Gympie by a WA mining magnate and it is reported in the media that this will be Chinese enterprise. Land that was to be set aside for a cooperative dairy farm owned by Australians to sell milk to the Chinese utilising land from the proposed Traveston Dam area – will now apparently be a gift to the Chinese.

“We have already gifted them the Ord, the biggest irrigation project in the nation, we’ve sold them cubby station, the biggest farm in the nation – I’m sure if they want to buy grandma’s false teeth that poor old granny will have to hand them over,” Mr Katter said.