It was even worse in years to come so I was told by one union official . I was asked to become a union organiser in the wool sheds when I was working out around Goondiwindi .. Back in those days the unions were very strong and The bloke that spoke to me said that their plans in the making and at foot to destroy the Australian economy , Their plan was to keep demanding more and more money for our peoples labour until they had priced Australian Labour out of contention on world markets , They had devised this plan to send all of our manufacturing industries to countries that had an abundance of cheap readily available labour ( China ) this plan so I was told was started even before the end of world war two . How good was this information I don’t know but I declined the offer to become an union organiser and I have watched how greedy unions and stupid people in this country have allowed unions to price our labour force out of world markets sending our manufacturing and value adding industries off shore , Australia, s Labour force is over paid by at least fifty percent , Our goods and services are over priced by at least the same amount and until we reduce the cost and value of every thing in this country across the board by at least 50 % we will keep losing our industries . It does not matter if you are paid $ 1000,00 a week and you pay $2.00 a litre for milk or you are paid $ 500.00 a week and you pay $ 1.00 a litre for milk you are no worse off in fact you are better off because you pay less in taxes . This country is screwed until people wake up to the fact that unions and greed have cost us most of our manufacturing industries , and govenments have contributed by not having the guts or brains to step in and stop this rot . We need to take drastic steps to become competitive on world markets once again and we need to value add to our natural resources and rebuild our farming industries so that they can be able to feed the worlds expanding population , We also need to review and revise out tax act and get rid of things like the duel taxation agreement , We need to go to a simple across the board system that does away with ever needing to put in a tax return and we need to catch every dollar of the billions of dollars that is paid cash in hand in this country every year . It can be done but it will take balls from our politians to introduce it and other changes and our politians don’t have balls

Peter Schuback

Hervey Bay