Three months after Malaysia Airlines
Flight MH17 was violently brought
down from the skies over Ukraine,
there are still no definitive answers
as to what caused this tragedy that
killed 298 passengers, including 80
children, most of whom were Dutch

Civil conflict in the area has prevented
international experts from conducting
a full and thorough investigation, with
some investigators suggesting that the
Ukraine Army intentionally made their
investigation impossible, forcing them
to retreat.

Under normal circumstances, the
wreckage would have been collected
and carefully re-assembled, to identify
all the damage, but this standard
investigative procedure was never
carried out and the failure to do so has
allowed the criminals who massacred
these innocent people to evade the law.

Until a proper investigation is done by
flight safety experts, evidence can only
be gleaned from the cellphone cameras
of those who were in the vicinity of the
crash or who were able to arrive at the
crash site and take pictures of the debris;
data from the Rolls-Royce engine flight
recorders, the black boxes and eyewitness
testimonies, to say nothing of the abundant
radar and satellite data from numerous
countries, all discussion of which is being
scrupulously avoided, as in the case of
MH 370.

According to this Dutch report, at least
one crash victim was found with one of
the plane’s automatically-deployed oxygen
masks around his face, which would
indicate that there was time to place the
mask around his face in the midst of the
chaos. This would lend more likelihood to
the theory, based on eyewitness testimony
of civilians on the ground, that the airliner
was chased and shot down, by a military
jet – witnesses, who noted nothing about
the plane struck by a missile, which would
have blown the plane to bits in mid-air.

That this did not occur is ALSO supported
by this alleged video of the Flight MH 17
plane, in a nosedive but in one piece, with
one of its two engines on fire.

For its part, the Ukraine Air Force, the only
entity with fighter jets in the area, denies
that they were operational on the day of
the crash.

A pilot in Germany who decided to
independently investigate this crash
noted that the Wikipedia entries, in
various languages for the SU-25 jet used
by the Ukraine Air Force had been edited
to alter its top cruising altitude to 7,000
meters, when previous iterations of these
articles and other information sources
about this fighter jet, list its top altitude
at twice that altitude.

These details may be enough to help build
a picture of what really brought down the
aircraft; whether it was struck by a Russian
BUK rocket fired from the ground – a
difficult feat, at 10,000 meters/32,000
feet – by Ukrainian separatists (as
immediately claimed by the US State
Department, with no hard evidence to
offer journalists, besides Facebook posts)
or by weapons fired from a Ukraine military
jet, of which there is ample evidence in the
damage done to the cockpit area of the
wreckage and re-created in a scene in this

An experiment was set up, with an SU-25
fighter jet from the Russian Air Force,
identical to those used by the Ukraine
government. It fired upon retired target
planes and revealed very similar entry
and exit holes to the 30mm gauge rounds,
shrapnel and aerodynamic mini-cannons,
as those seen to the cockpit section of the
downed airliner.

Closure in this case and an official cause
for this crash – and its legal ramifications
will remain in limbo until a professional
assessment can be made – which will be a
long time coming, as the international
investigation has now been delayed until
April 2015, due to the inclement conditions
of winter at the Russian border.

My best guess is that this delay will ensure
that the official cause remains "unsolved."

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MH 17: The Untold Story


Alexandra Bruce