Bye Bye Blue Sky – by Patrick Pasin

European documentary shows efforts by people in the UK and Europe to expose the 15-year-long assault on global weather systems by US-NATO military and others by spraying aerosols into the upper atmosphere.

Sources quoted include:

· US National Academy of Sciences report (1997)

· Dr Rosalie Bertell, biometrician and environmental epidemiologist. Director of the International Medical Commission, Bhopal, India. Founding member of the Institute of Concern for Public Health (Toronto, Canada); Recognised by the UN and international institutions as an expert on military issues.

· Alan de Tourtoulon, former British Airways and Swissair pilot.

· Dr Nikos Katsaros, Senior Research Scientist at the National Centre of Physical Sciences “Demokritos”, Athens; Member of the National Committee of the Environment; National representative to NATO Science Committee; Member of the Committee Enouranois, which questions atmospheric spraying reports and geo-engineering.

· Claire Henrion, founding member of French NGO Acseipica that researches chemtrails and geo-engineering.

· Dr Ir Coen Vermeeren PhD, Professor of Aviation and Aerospace Engineering, Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands).

Photo left: Sky over Mt Cotton, and (attached) over M1 near Brisbane, May 27th, 2014,