We now have Campbell Newman’s, Bank devised, four options as how to deal with the State debt. Bligh had Rothschild Bank and Goldman Sachs as financial advisers. Labor is silent on this matter.

It is obvious that Newman hasn’t run Bligh’s mates out of the country but is also taking advice from the same poisoned well which caused her to enlarge the debt, whilst selling off vital public assets for cents in the dollar.

There is a essential fifth option which hasn’t been allowed to be put on the table and that is, a State Bank as allowed by the Constitution, creating all the funds debt free, for development of our infrastructure as well as funding cheaply our dying agriculture and manufacturing sectors.

The same applies to the farce Hockey and Abbot are running out of Canberra at this moment with their Facist Austerity financial package. This is vintage Mussolini , their proposed sellout of the few public owned assets left, to pay "debt" would be a comedy if it wasn’t so serious.

The recent admission in the London Guardian (18 March) by three members of the Monetary Analysis Directorate of the Bank of England, that banks create credit, make all pontification by all of the above about tax "reform" and the need for facist austerity laughable. In fact it makes all of the somber and threatening pronouncements by the "Reserve" Bank and it’s apologists laughable.

Any discussion about tax "reform" which is separated from discussion about Sovereign National Banking is a farce.

Are we willing to send our Nation into the financial abyss to keep the dying dinosaur of the International Monetary Fund on life support?

Iceland took the road to survival and repudiated its farcical debt, jailed some former Prime Ministers and Treasurers and Bankers. They are thriving. Greece, Spain and Portugal didn’t and look what has happened to them!

John Koehler