Look out LNP, PUP/KAP alliance before end of year

The Queensland Parliament could have a makeover later this year should Palmers United Party and Katters Australian Party form an alliance.

National President of KAP, Shane Paulger said today talks had been held with Clive Palmer but “ he was playing hard to get .”

“What Mr Palmer does not seem to grasp is that Bob Katter knows regional Queensland like the back of his hand,” said Mr Paulger

“He has had a political attachment to the state for four decades and naturally he knows a lot of people and from his intimate knowledge of industry in this state he has formulated policies over many years that the Labor and Liberal parties will not accept.

“Because of their economic rationalism look at the mess we are in now.”

Responding to the media interest Bob Katter said: “At all times we are working more aggressively towards working relationships with other major parties.

“PUP and KAP members have worked well together in Federal and State politics and we look forward to continuing this for the betterment of all Australians.

Member for Dalrymple Shane Knuth echoed Mr Katter’s comments, saying although there was no imminent alliance “never say never in politics.”

He said he would push for an alliance to be formed before the end of the year.