We continue with with today’s theme about an alleged cover-up regarding large objects in our

Solar System, that are predicted by some to soon wreak a series of Mass Extinction Events.

Certain events will soon begin with the massive and “superchunk”-style debris field of Comet Ison, through which Planet Earth will pass, around January 12-19th.  (Might as well have good, water-tight basement if you live near the coast – ?)

I can only vouch for the statements made in the second paragraph, above.

I cannot vouch for what this Coast to Coast interviewee is speaking to (because unlike him, I do not have a hotline to the ETs from Zeta Reticuli), so make of this what you will.

Is it an “Aquarian” New Age PsyOp or is there actually something to this?  Does everyone have to become an amateur astronomer, in order to trust any of this stuff, anymore?

I certainly don’t want to believe a word he’s saying – but this meme all over the ‘net, so whatever it is, PsyOp or covered-up truth – or pure balderdash… something’s up.

What that ‘something’ is, remains a mystery to me, personally – but maybe my readers know better?  If so, let ‘er rip!

Video: (about 25 mins):  Nibiru and Comet Ison Are Here


– Alexandra

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