Cairns News is proud to announce it will be publishing a new column with instances of untruthful political stories published by News Ltd and Fairfax. Not only will we cover this angle but our roaming freelance journalist Robert J Lee will present a stunning analysis of the federal election and how Liberal liars have been promoted by News Ltd.
We invite readers to contribute stories about their brush with dishonest reporting which includes stories and letters to the editor omitted or unpublished by weekly and major dailies when such articles should have been run in the public interest.

We will publish details of the dishonest, million dollar, anti-Bob Katter campaign presently being run by Brad Henderson, the director of the Liberal Party. We should point out there now exists no National Party structure or NP politicians in Queensland. The closest thing to former National Party politicians left in existence are a number of Liberals running around wearing Akubras and RM Williams’ boots, including Barnaby Joyce. Sad but true.

Please send your story or letter containing a maximum of 400 words to cairnsnews