This notice from the lying Liberal Party Queensland director Brad Henderson is prima facie evidence for the prosecution which KAP says will ensue.  The charges are substantial, from common law to breaches of the Electoral Act, criminal defamation and others the legal people are working on right now. Henderson has put his name to this scurrilous document which is all that is needed for a successful prosecution.
Henderson is just another grubby weevil from the big end of town and is a puppett of big oil and gas, big pharma, big farmers, big miners and most importantly a prostitute for big media!  KAP, according to its how to vote cards is preferencing the ALP in just four seats to maximise its Senate chances with a reciprocal deal. The Liberal Party in every other seat running KAP candidates across the nation will be the biggest beneficiary of KAP preferences!- from Robert J Lee in Brisbane
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Dear Bill,

We’ve launched a new TV ad about the fact that Katter is backing Labor and the Greens. 

These are the people who have racked up nearly $300 billion in debt, wasted $11.5 billion on failed border protection policies – and tried to close down the live cattle trade.

You can watch the ad on our YouTube channel.

Unfortunately, it’s the same story with the other minor parties too – as another video explains. It’s clear that only the Liberal Nationals have a Plan to build a strong, prosperous economy and a safe, secure Australia.

So if you’re seeing any family or friends over the weekend who might be considering voting for Katter’s party – or any other minor party – please urge them not to gamble with their future. We can’t risk another three years like the last six.

Brad Henderson

LNP State Director

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