I refer you to the quote below from the leader of the Greens, Christine Milne, as to what she said recently on the subject of asylum seekers:-
Greens leader Christine Milne said Tent accommodation was inhumane.
She went on – On the one hand Angus Houston is saying people will be treated better this time and in the next breath we are going to be setting up these huge temporary tent camps and taking away people’s human rights,” she told reporters in Canberra.
So what you are saying Ms Milne – is that it is alright for Australian diggers in the First, Second, Korean, Vietnam and Gulf Wars to live in tents defending Australia and other countries, but not for these illegal aliens? Get a life you moron, you and your fellow idiotic Greens are a national disgrace.
Plus the fact that our troops are where all these bastards come from, fighting for a better life for them while they abandon their country of birth for a better life without having the guts to fight for it.
It makes me so furious to think we have lost so many of our wonderful Australian soldiers & the gutless arseholes creep over here & expect us to give them the world. Protesting & smashing tax payers buildings etc. We should be the ones protesting in the streets………………. Wake up Australia!!! – contributed by a Vietnam Veteran

Typical Australian Army tent accomodation at Nui Dat, Vietnam 1968