Welcome to Australia, just another dangerous tinpot dictatorship led by a egomaniacal and megalomaniacal Kevin Rudd where the medical profession which is managed by the pharmaceutical companies which control stupid politicians and their equally stupid but cunning bureaurats.

The Senate has passed a motion calling on the Australian Vaccination Network (AVN) to disband and cease its campaign against dirty and dangerous vaccines.

Hopefully this association of caring parents and wise medical practitioners will tell the Senate to go to hell.
The motion, put forward by Greens Senator Richard Di Natale was supported by all ‘parties’
A couple of links –

I wonder what dumb-dick would tell the parents of the 138 deceased girls after their HPV vaxx & the young women who have had the 30,020 adverse events!
Or the parents of little Saba Button who was brain damaged after her fluvax ‘shot’ in Perth in April 2010, or the Perth child who died.

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