The word “chemtrails” was not
invented by a conspiracy theorist,
it was invented by the US Air Force.

A microfiche has been found in the
Oklahoma Library system of an Air
Force manual dating back to 1990,
which uses the word “Chemtrails” in
its title and describes the various
experiments pilots will be conducting
with the aerosol release of various
noxious substances, some relating to
cloud-seeding and weather modification
such as silver iodide and others, in
conjunction with the HAARP project,
such as barium-fluoride.

The spraying of toxic barium salts in
the atmosphere relates to scalar
weapons systems (HAARP), which
behave like targeted gravitational
fields and act as anti-ballistic shields.

Click the link below for a more
comprehensive list of toxic chemicals
that have been released by the USAF
since at least 1990.

Video (about 8 mins):

US Air Force Academy Chemtrail Manual


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