‘Sirius: It’s Time for You to Know’

Here’s your opportunity to rent the biggest crowd-funded
documentary film project in history. $9.99 buys you 72 hours
of viewing time – of a head-spinning romp into the disclosure of

UFOs from the testimonies of former military and other highly
credible witnesses, the DNA analysis of an actual ET (none
of its genetics match anything known on Earth) and advanced
energy technologies.

‘Sirius’ proposes that the UFO cover-up is ACTUALLY a

cover-up of the advanced propulsion technologies involved.

Producer, Dr. Steven Greer and the filmmakers have

pledged that all proceeds from this film be applied

towards the development of a free energy laboratory

– and you can be a part of this ground-breaking moment in


The Film Premieres on Monday April 22 at 8PM PST.
Click on the image above, to pre-order your rental of
the film for 72 hours from the time it is officially released
and/or to see the latest trailer for the film.

‘Sirius’ will be available for rent, whenever best suits

your schedule, over the next several weeks at this same

link, above. If you’re interested in spreading the word and
becoming an affiliate of this unprecedented film event, click
on this link to learn more: http://ykr.be/t017t9ulv