Barnaby Joyce has won the National Party pre-selection for the federal seat of New England.

During radio interviews Windsor was nonchalant about Joyce’s endorsement, saying he does not care who runs against him.

The 45-year-old outspoken senator was widely tipped to win against former school teacher David Gregory.

Senator Joyce will take on sitting independent Tony Windsor, who has held New England since 2001 with a margin of 21 per cent.

“It’s a humbling experience to come back to New England and to have the people pre-select me as the National Party candidate for the forthcoming election,” Senator Joyce said.

“The people of New England are clearly saying that they felt swindled at the last election.

“I will be a tenacious fighter if given the opportunity, to make sure the people of New England are heard.”

National Party members met at the West Tamworth Leagues Club, in northern New South Wales earlier today, to cast their vote in a secret ballot.

It has not been revealed by how many votes Senator Joyce won.

High-profile former MP Richard Torbay was originally recruited by the Nationals but was disendorsed as a candidate over his alleged connections with former labor powerbroker Eddie Obeid.