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Last night Four Corners exposed the dark underbelly of coal seam gas mining in Australia – the corrupting influence that big gas corporations and their paid lobbyists have on our politicians.

It revealed that in 2010 the Queensland Government rushed through approvals for thousands of gas wells without adequate assessments and without meeting proper legal requirements.

Lock the Gate Alliance has already referred those approvals to the Queensland Crime and Misconduct Commission, and even Premier Campbell Newman agreed that an inquiry is warranted.

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The real human cost of this scandal is felt by the families who are now forced to live in a gasfield. They are surrounded by gas wells, roads, pipelines, compressor stations and wastewater storages.

Their children are experiencing chronic health problems including nausea, vomiting and nosebleeds. There are no buyers for their properties. They are left stranded and abandoned by their own Government.

When it comes to the proper administration of mining and gas licences, it’s clear that our governments are failing us. And it’s not just Queensland – in NSW, a current inquiry into coal licences has revealed a level of alleged corruption not seen ‘since the Rum Corps’.

It is time for our governments to stop letting these big coal and gas corporations call the shots.

Join us in declaring that enough is enough.

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