Ruth Downey Inquisition E-book If you have not read or heard of the The-Ruth-Downey-Inquisition E-book relating to the  factual investigation of this 72 year old farmer from the NSW Pilliga who was subjected to the execution of her cows, many nursing, day old calves left to stave, by NSW-RSPCA inspectors and DPI staff, then face a  kangaroo court case that followed, not to mention the president of the NSW-RSPCA and a fellow director collecting around $300,000 for prosecuting her.

It was a bloody disgrace. These uncontrolled unaccountable enforcers prosecuted when this  should have be done by  a government body not a private organisation.  The same rules apply in Queensland with the animal cruelty act being used and abused.

Spread this far and wide, consider your choice of animal welfare donations carefully make sure they will service the animals not the RCPCA lawyers and the perks that go with the untouchables.

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