China and Australia join reproductive forces

By Alice Roberts – Thursday, 03/01/2013

A central Queensland cattle IVF business is planning to set up a lab in China to share reproductive technologies.

Australian Reproductive Technologies in Rockhampton and Changai Dairy Group met through a program connecting international agribusiness companies and Australian industries.

Director of Australian Reproductive Technologies Simon Walton says the deal will be the biggest embryo transfer program in the world and is a big step in cattle science.

“The level of technology in cattle IVF around the world is probably about 15 years behind what we were doing in human IVF.

So I originally imported some cattle IVF technology from Brazil and quickly applied some of our human IVF technology.”

Australian farmers reap what they sow. While Northern Australia remains terminally crippled by the loss of Asian livestock markets, breeders supply our superior genetics to overseas farmers and in some cases competitors. Then we lose market share because some of the countries to which we have supplied genetic material or live stock say to us: “we have bred enough numbers for ourselves now so we wont be needing any of your market steers.”