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I have always been wary of union thugs dressed in expensive suits, simulating respectability. Shorten is anything but respectable.

Touted as the next ALP Prime Minister, Bill Shorten would fill that role in true union tradition.

As AWU National Secretary and board member of GetUp he looked uncomfortable haranguing workers on the virtues of Marxism thro…
ugh a megaphone. He was far more comfortable defending union corruption cosily from within the notorious Left wing law firm, Maurice Blackburn.

When he wrested the safe seat of Maribyrnong from the hapless sitting Member, Bob Sercombe, in the 2007 election he was expecting a front bench Ministry. Rudd refused. He promptly joined forces with Gillard and became the driving force behind Rudds knifing.

He was then widely tipped to challenge Gillard but she eventually forestalled him with his current Workplace Relations Ministry.

Bill Shorten now treats Parliament as his own grubby playground. His inability to keep his dick in his trousers doesnt daunt him.

An avid Collingwood fan (mmm, that may explain a few things) he told his wife at a home-and-away match that he was shooting through. He was off to marry his married mistress with two children, Chloe Bryce, the daughter of the current Governor General. He was also having it off with Nicola Roxon. Apparently, as viral emails allege, that didnt stop him shagging a 23 year-old Labor staffer. The word was the staffer was pregnant. Shorten denies the affair. (Oh dear…. yawn.)

As an official of the AWU in 1996, the Wilson/Gillard scandal was emerging. His response, according to an insider, was, …this will kill us, we need to keep a lid on this, yet another example of scant respect for AWU members stolen funds.

He has been extremely successful in keeping a lid on many scandals, including the HSU (East) branch and Craig Thomsons small time fraud. He has delayed Gillards demise by helping stack FWA and gagging whistleblower Kathy Jackson with a Ministerial sequestration Order.

But Shorten is unable to shield Michael Williamson (National President of the ALP until recently). Williamsons blatant theft of members funds amounts to $20 million. Keeping a lid on that amount is an ask too tall for even Shorten.

So the predictable report on FWA, that Shorten is announcing as I type this, is nothing more than his own report, with three sycophantic signatures on it.

If Bill Shorten wants to become the next ALP leader, look no further. His CV is exemplary.

If Abbott ever decides on a Royal Commission into union corruption, Bill Shorten will need to shelve his Prime Ministerial ambitions and concentrate on the job at hand…
selling pencils on the footpath outside Trades Hall. – from Larry Pickering