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The die is cast. It is too late for even a dastardly Malaysia solution. Our national decency has been compromised by Indonesia, economic “refugees” and a bunch of opportunistic people smugglers.

The “Daily Telegraph” reported the Navy would refuse Abbotts direction to tow back boats. That report was not only misleading, it was plain wrong.

Any fool knows the armed forces cannot disobey a governments direction. Abbott has been meticulous with the legal codicil, …where it is safe to do so.

The UN Convention on maritime distress calls states, in part: …survivors, regardless of nationality or status, including undocumented migrants, asylum seekers and refugees, and stowaways, are treated, while on board, in the manner prescribed in the relevant IMO instruments and in accordance with relevant international agreements and long-standing humanitarian maritime traditions.

Abbott understands our UN obligations. Gillard consistently ignores them. She promotes her illegal Malaysia solution despite our High Court’s confirmation this it is indeed illegal.

By dismantling, and now refusing to renew, Howards Pacific Solution, Gillard has trashed any form of border protection Australia once enjoyed. We now have no idea who is reaching our shores. Her arrogant pride will prove yet another expensive, and likely irreversible, disaster.

Gillards blind stupidity is drowning us in First-World international maritime law.

Malaysia or no Malaysia, it is too late now, and the only solution will be to disband or sequestrate Christmas Island or return it to England.

As long as Christmas Island remains ours, we will have an international obligation to immediately respond to any cry wolf distress calls from boats leaving Indonesia… and they will continue to leave even if Gillards nutty Malaysia solution was in place.

Indonesian people smugglers have outwitted Gillard and will continue to make filthy millions by dint of her lack of foresight.

No matter the amount of aid we gift Indonesia, it will not assist us in this Gillard-inspired tragedy.

There is a new set of rules now… and it renders Malaysia superfluous. – from Larry Pickering