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Thomson and Gillard safe

Trade Unions, including the HSU East Branch, are not incorporated Companies under the auspices of ASIC.

They are “Registered Associations” under the Trade Unions Act of 1958 and loosely administered by an internally elected Executive.

So, no matter what “crimes” are committed by union officials in respect of our Criminal Code, they simply do not apply as they would in an incorporated, listed or PTY LTD Company. These ASIC controlled entities have shareholders with proper protections under existing legislation. Unions have paying members who should also be protected… they are not, only Union Officials are!

Unions are, in effect, above laws that apply to us normal folk.

So no matter what Thomson has done, the Union itself can declare, under its own constitution, that he was not acting outside its own rules. In other words Thomson could pay for 20 hookers a night, shout them a $5,000 wardrobe each week and send them on an all expenses paid holiday each year… all on Union funds while not breaking one single law… if the Union agreed.

Now, for Thomson to be charged under the Criminal Code, someone would have to prefer charges from within the Union. That someone was Kathy Jackson and she did just that.

ENTER BILL SHORTEN. He wanted Jackson out of there for very good reason. No-one else in the Union would be preferring charges because they were also guilty.

Shorten put the HSU East Branch into Administration to allow the administrators (and not Jackson) the option of preferring charges against Thomson. Of course, if Shorten gets the administrators he wants (and he most likely will) there will be no preferring of charges. Gillard remains safe.

The Union has done nothing (zilch) to recoup misappropriated Union funds because all Union officials were culpable except for the whistleblower, Kathy Jackson, who has partaken of some largesse herself.

There has been a relentless campaign against Jackson by Shorten and others to intimidate and discredit her. She has suffered death threats and even a shovel thrown on her verandah. Normal Union tactics.

Shorten’s bleating about his disgust of the Union’s activities is disingenuous. His shifty move to sequestrate the HSU East Branch was solely to shore up Gillard’s tenure in Office… and nothing more.

That’s why there has not been one single charge laid against Thomson.

The average punter cannot be expected to see through all of the putrid shit that is the affiliation between the ALP and Unions. If Thomson’s follies had been committed within an incorporated Company he would have been in gaol years ago.

The current Union-controlled Government under Gillard emits an intolerable stench that wafts across the entire Australian landscape.

Any new government must immediately enact legislation that never allows this to be repeated. It is an Aussie disgrace media ignore.-contributed