Monday, 5 March, 2012


LNP deceit over coal seam gas forces branch chairman’s resignation

The resignation of an LNP branch chairman in the Scenic Rim due to the party’s ‘intentionally deceitful’ position on coal seam gas is proof that the flawed industry will be allowed to rush ahead if Campbell Newman gets his way, the State Leader of Katter’s Australian Party said today.

“The decision by a branch chairman in Beaudesert to resign highlights that the LNP will not allow debate on coal seam gas until after the election. This now proves that Campbell Newman has not been honest with voters over his intentions with the coal seam gas industry,” Mr McLindon said.

“Campbell Newman’s own policy states that no ‘inappropriate’ coal seam gas developments will be allowed in Beaudesert but when the local branch asked what would be deemed “appropriate”, discussion was shut down at the direction of the LNP heavyweights which has now resulted in the resignation of the branch chairman.

“Katter’s Australian Party has a very clear position on the flawed coal seam gas industry.

“We will immediately enact a 12 month moratorium on all new and proposed CSG projects to obtain all the relevant scientific facts about the adverse impact on our environment and water supplies. We will provide legislative protection to landholders to ensure they have the right to refuse entry and we will legislate a ban on CSG anywhere within South East Queensland.

“Campbell Newman and the LNP will not commit to this position because they are owned lock, stock and barrel by these foreign owned companies.

“What we see today from the resignation of an LNP Chairman in Beaudesert over the party’s policy on CSG is simply the tip of the iceberg. The LNP local branches are simply puppets to the LNP head office and Newman who are in turn puppets to foreign owned multinational companies exploiting Queensland’s flawed legislation.”