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Coles and Aldi stand condemned for not increasing milk price for dairy farmers

Retired National Party federal leader Warren Truss given Australia Day award for screwing the dairy industry

For long-term dairy campaigner and State MP Shane Knuth the 10c per litre milk rise through Woolworths is cautiously welcomed, however he said a 30c per litre increase was needed to save a collapsing industry.

 Mr Knuth said dairy farming is disappearing in Queensland and more needs to be done by combined state and federal governments to revitalise and save the industry.

Long-time milk price campaigner Shane Knuth, KAP member for Hill, says farmers need 30 cents litre increase to survive

 “In the year 2000 we had 1,500 dairy farms in Queensland. The day I tabled my Fair Milk Mark Bill in 2013 we had 540.

 Thanks to both major parties voting down the bill we now have less than 370 dairy farmers left in the state.”

 Mr Knuth added he is continually dismayed that Federal and State politicians will march arm in arm with producers at rallies and make bold speeches but do absolutely nothing in presenting legislation or taking action to save the industry.

 “If we continue this trend of inaction we will have no dairy farms left in Queensland within the next decade and will be importing all our milk from other states and overseas.”

 Mr Knuth added he was proud of his efforts to highlight the plight of Dairy Farmers, submitting two (2) private members bills and continuing to fight for the industry in Queensland;

 “I have also put a motion into state parliament calling on all governments to pressure supermarket giants, that a 10c per litre increase be applied to EVERY litre of milk sold in all supermarkets in all milk producing states, with the 10c increase going directly back to the dairy farmer.

This would be a good start in helping to save the dairy industry.”


Liberal/Labor free traders lose Goulburn fruit industry and Tableland dairies

With many fruit trees in full bloom at the moment, it’s quiet on most orchards.

Plum trees being removed from an orchard in Northern Victoria

But in the Goulburn Valley of northern Victoria, the sound of tractors and farm machinery can be heard, as volunteers gather to push over unwanted fruit trees.

Peter Tuohey, the president of the Victorian Farmers Federation, has rallied farmers and tractors to a number of properties to start the process of removing trees on farms which have lost contracts to supply their fruit to food processor SPC.

There had been concern that if the trees weren’t removed they would cause a biosecurity issue for the remaining neighbouring orchards.

Earlier this year, SPC announced it would be cutting contracts with 61 growers, who had in the past provided plums, peaches and pears to the cannery.

Cheap imports of fruit from China, sometimes via New Zealand have devastated the horticultural and vegetable industries. Another large and suffering horticultural district is the Atherton Tablelands in Far North Queensland. It has a perfect climate for tropical fruits, mandarins, lemons, limes, avocados, watermelons and other temperate fruits, but cheap imports have put most producers on the breadline.

Farmers are of course their own worst enemies, great whingers and this time around, by-and-large supporters of the Liberal and National Party. Cairns News has no sympathy for these free trade sycophants and those in the parties they support.

These long-suffering farmers had the opportunity to support Katters Australian Party at the election but were too ignorant to do their own investigation of the Liberal’s dishonest and illegal advertising campaign claiming ‘a vote for Katter is a vote for Labor.’

Family farmers will soon be extinct under the free-trade, free market, Liberal and National ideology. It is now open slather for China to purchase these farms and grow their own food as Indonesia has just announced, naturally welcomed by the traitors in the producer groups supposedly protecting farmers.

Coles and Woolworths, along with coal and coal seam gas companies, in the next three years will have torn up what is left of our Downs and brigalow belt world’s best soils, sanctioned completely by lying and traitorous Liberal and National parties.

Cairns News finds it extremely hard to believe the naivety of farmers in the struggling Burnett region who again blindly voted for the country’s foremost free trader, Warren Truss, leader of the National Party, an intellectual pigmy who killed the dairy industry.

Then we have Warren Entsch, another Liberal freeloader from Cairns who has just woken up with his statement in the Cairns Post, “there may be some issues in the dairy industry.”

Wakey! Wakey! Warren your farm and that of your nearby neighbor Treasurer Joe Hockey at Milla Milla is surrounded by former dairies, which 20 years ago numbered some 700 now there are just 40 left and diminishing by the month.

If Bob Katter goes, so too will our food producers.

Cairns News’ new policy will be to support only those primary producers who can see the forest for the trees.