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The Australian Party plan for re-constructing Queensland

Bob Katter and Aidan McLindon today launched the The Australian Party’s plan for “Re-constructing Queensland”.

The plan was announced at the campaign launch in Townsville and will see government switch from “selling and spending” to “building and wealth generating”.

It will create 60 000 new full time jobs over the next six years and see infrastructure investment of between $20 and $25 billion.

At last we have an option for REAL change.

Click here to view The Australian Party’s plan to re-construct Queensland.

James Packer makes $250,000 donation to Katter’s Australian Party

BILLIONAIRE casino mogul James Packer has backed maverick MP Bob Katter’s state election gamble with a $250,000 donation in a highly unusual splash into Queensland politics.

Katter’s Australian Party now has the support of three of Australia’s most powerful men: Mr Packer, talkback king Alan Jones and advertising guru John Singleton.Jamies packer picture from Sunday Telegraph

The massive donation and an extra $50,000 from Mr Singleton gives the fledgling party a major financial shot in the arm as it prepares to field 76 candidates in the state’s 89 seats in the March 24 poll.

“The Packers have always been our people,” Mr Katter told The Sunday Mail in a statement.

“James’s grandfather started business with, and was a close friend of, one of my greatest heroes, Red Ted Theodore. They were great supporters of the labour movement … in the late 1800s.

“There is no surprise to have this support for our patriotic line of defending Australia and Australian industry.”

Mr Packer’s donation is one of the biggest recorded from a single donor in Queensland and was made on February 24 through Treysta Pty Ltd, owned by his private company Consolidated Press Holdings.

The Electoral Commission of Queensland was advised of the transaction last week under requirements for donations of more than $100,000 to be registered within 14 days.

Mr Katter had opposed pokies reforms that could have cost Mr Packer’s Crown casino empire up to $145 million, Merrill Lynch analysts said last year.

Last June Mr Katter confirmed he had met Mr Packer as the Federal Government considered the reforms, centred on forcing pokies gamblers to set limits on their losses.

“We’ve had everyone and his brother meeting with us … James Packer is obviously one you don’t forget,” he said then.

Ranked Australia’s eighth-wealthiest person in BRW last year with a $4.1 billion fortune, Mr Packer is behind Melbourne’s Crown Casino and Perth’s Burswood Casino and is building a $41 million Sydney mega-mansion. He last month doubled to 10 per cent his stake in Echo Entertainment, which operates Sydney’s Star City Casino as well as Brisbane’s Treasury Casino and the Gold Coast’s and Townsville’s Jupiters casinos.

Mr Singleton part-owned pubs and his ad agency, Banjo, spearheaded a multi-million-dollar campaign for the pokies lobby with the slogan “Who voted for a licence to punt?”.

Vocal supporter Alan Jones works for radio station 2GB, which is part-owned by Mr Singleton. Mr Jones is a fierce opponent of coal seam gas mining and Katter’s Australian Party wants to halt the industry pending further investigations.

Mr Packer and Mr Singleton now sit alongside the Sporting Shooters Association of Queensland, which gave $100,000 to the party.

Large donations must go towards running the party, which last week lost a costly court bid to pulp 7.1 million ballot papers because they did not carry the Katter name.

Mr Katter’s statement said of the Packers: “I would have been disappointed if he didn’t get behind us. This is tribal.”

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Bob Katter’s statement regarding Thursday’s court of appeal decision

It was decided today that Katter’s Australian Party will not be allowed to use our legally registered name. We will be forced to use “The Australian Party” which the Federal Electoral Commission has determined is illegal. Since it does not differentiate out or delineate, it is an indeterminate appellation. In simple language the Australian Electoral Commission says “the people” will have no idea who The Australia Party is, nor what it stands for. This is not our opinion but that of the Federal Electoral Commission’s formal ruling.

We do not resolve from stating clearly that this is a most damaging blow to our electoral chances.

We must hope and pray for the famous “Wally Lewis effect” when he was disgracefully sent off the field and the injustice so enraged the team that they played with such righteous rage that they actually went ahead.

This decision does serious damage to the peoples’ faith in democracy. It would be naïve in the extreme to see this decision in isolation. It comes after the jailing of Bjelke-Petersen and his attempt to secure real change. Also the subsequent jailing of Pauline Hanson when she attempted to secure real change.

The two major parties preach competition but they are the arch proponents of a “Woolworths & Coles” political firmament. The colossal damage done to peoples faith in democracy by this decision will be ongoing and the rise of a very dangerous cynicism in a State where may be a quarter of the entire population is on struggle street.

The overriding principal above all else is that the voter knows who they are voting for. If they don’t an election cannot provide a truthful outcome. The Australian Electoral Commission says it can’t.

For further information, contact Scott Barrett on 0434 740 698 or Bernard Gaynor on 0413 722 995


LNP/ALP in Queensland ban pocket knives

LNP/ALP in Queensland ban pocket knives

Queenslanders are somewhat inured to the extremes of the 20 year old neo-fascist Labor regime headed by Anna Bligh, a descendant of the infamous Captain Bligh of Mutiny on the Bounty fame.

As small business, large companies, electricity users, farmers, transport, homeowners and just about everyone else was buckling under the stupidity and largesse of the government, Bligh announced an election for March 24.Captain Anna Bligh

Great sighs of relief were heard from as far away as Darwin.

The latest addition to the ALPs 80,000 pages of bureaucratic red tape was not the expected attack on gun owners, but pocket knife users.

Pocket knives, cane knives, kitchen knives and in fact just about anything used for cutting now comes under category M in the Weapons Act which requires a license if carried on the person or in a vehicle.

And guess what? The ALP didnt win the Annual Asinine Gong unaided. The vacuous Liberal party supported the amended regulations by voting with the ALP in Parliament before Christmas.

Notably all the independents opposed the amendments.

The reaction in some parts of Queensland has been rather, shall we say, at best, contemptuous of politicians with outright public displays of total defiance in local newspapers and talkback radio.

One courageous Atherton Tablelands newspaper, the district in which Bob Katter unleashed news of the ALP/LNP regulations, published numerous letters and photos of law-abiding Vietnam Vets brandishing their heirloom pocket knives, inviting the ALP/LNP to come get em.

Such is the rarity of politics in Queensland. Katters Australian Party, with 73 excellent candidates is set to wipe out the ALP in every regional seat and take many seats from the languishing Liberals, headed by a former Brisbane Lord Mayor who as yet has no seat in Parliament.#

Katters Australian Party

Bob Katter Means BusinessWill Bob Katter take government ?

Ask Queenslanders who have had their land rights stolen, government sanctioned gas wells installed on their property, being jailed for protecting their property,  farmers production closing down from unworkable legislation, then Katters Australia Party will control queensland parliament for the people not the party.

Take time to view this video.

Visit this website – to be informed to make your vote on March 24 count for Queensland.