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Katter forces federal inquiry into communist control of universities

ON the eve of a vote in federal parliament on Bob Katter’s proposed Inquiry into Chinese Communist Party control and interference at Australian universities, the Morrison Government has launched the Inquiry referring it to the joint-Committee on Security and Intelligence.

Kennedy MP, Bob Katter said he was elated for expelled University of Queensland (UQ) student, Drew Pavlou who was ‘the storm-in-a-tea-cup’ that brought international attention to the true extent of foreign interference and control at Australian universities.

Bob Katter and Drew Pavlou address media in Brisbane

“Before the two 60 Minutes episodes aired last month on Drew’s story nothing had happened in the preceding 12 months,” Mr Katter said.

“Now the Queensland Police have finally launched action against the pro-Chinese Communist Party thugs who beat-up Drew on the St Lucia campus over his pro-Hong Kong democracy demonstration, the PM last week announced legislation to crackdown on dodgy foreign interference deals like Victoria’s belt-and-road agreement and today our Inquiry has been backed in full.

“The intimidation of Australian students and academics on campus, who stand up for democracy and human rights, is outrageous and must stop. Again, I call on the Chancellor of UQ to immediately reinstate Drew Pavlou to the UQ Senate and to overturn his expulsion.

“The true fighters who never gave up on this Inquiry were Drew, the journalists and producers at 60 Minutes, Sharri Markson from the Australian and other federal MPs who made their support public.

“I am looking forward to seeing Andrew Hastie and his Committee give the Australian university sector the thorough clean-out and interrogation that is long over-due.”

Drew Pavlou said he and Mr Katter had won a great victory for Australian Democracy.

“This inquiry would have never happened without Bob’s massive support,” he said.

“He was the only one in Canberra to stick his neck out for me. He stood by the little guy against the forces of greed, corruption and totalitarianism.

“I will be testifying in Canberra before the government’s inquiry into CCP interference at Australian universities. I am so honoured to be able to share my story before our national parliament.

“I would like to thank everybody who stood by me.”

Taxpayers fund half the cost of 270,000 foreign student intake

The discarded co-payment will still hit families hardest, says Katter

 10 December 2014: KAP Leader and Federal Member for Kennedy Bob Katter has today criticised the Government’s decision to reduce the rebate paid to doctors in place of its controversial Medicare Co-Payment, meaning that doctors will invariably have to charge patients the shortfall.

The Prime Minister yesterday scrapped his original proposal to force patients to pay an extra $7 for a visit to the GP, but said that instead the Medicare rebate given to doctors will be cut by $5.

“This is still going to hit families in the hip pocket,” Mr Katter said.

“Most doctors I know are not on huge money. This is a major re-adjustment in their income, it basically takes away 10% of a doctor’s income.

“I don’t think there’s any doubt that they will have to pass the costs on.”

Mr Katter questioned whether the Government was so desperately broke that it had to stoop to this?

“They bring in 270,000 students per year, half the costs of those students going to university are borne by the Government.

“There are 800,000 people seeking 200,000 jobs. 600,000 of those people are from overseas and 200,000 are from the Australian work market. That puts 200,000 Australians on the dole, at $35,000 per year, that’s $7000 million that the Government could find.

“You don’t have to take the money off the Australians that are so sick that they have to go to the doctor.

“Everyone’s going to lose this way.

“In the rural parts of Australia, our cost of living is nearly 30% higher than in Brisbane. There’s just not enough money to keep the body and soul together,” Mr Katter said.