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Bob Katter holds his seat of Kennedy

Weekend news bulletins were somewhat reticent about broadcasting the news of Bob Katter holding his huge seat of Kennedy, after challenger Noeline Ikin conceded defeat on Saturday.

This is the first time in 12 years Katter has had to rely on preferences to hold onto Kennedy. The damage was done by a corrupt ‘a vote for Katter is a vote for Labor’ campaign which swayed gullible voters who were determined not to have a re-run of the Gillard/Rudd debacle aided and abetted by two mindless independents, Oakshott and Windsor, turning federal parliament into the laughing stock of the world.

KAP scrutineers at Kennedy polling booths reported a strong preference flow from the Liberals, ALP and PUP to Katter, as many voters hedged their bets in their determination to keep Labor out.

The Liberal’s nation-wide $13m advertising campaign targeting Bob Katter will be challenged in the Supreme Court according to party sources. Tableland KAP supporters and party members said it was one of the dirtiest campaigns they had ever seen.

Senator Ian McDonald, in the same vein as his retiring colleague Ron Boswell, has long been a critic of Katter. Upon analysis of his often severe invective it is unclear just what the good senator has to complain about.

It could be Katter’s long held opposition to free trade and free marketing which has destroyed primary producers and manufacturing industries, or maybe his opposition to foreign government-owned corporations owning Australian farmland, or his Bill on the table to create a reconstruction and development board designed to alleviate the horrendous $66 billion rural debt held by rapacious trading banks or perhaps his strong opposition to foreign-owned coal seam gas companies ravaging some of the best farmland in the world?

After all the Liberals are owned lock, stock and barrel by the gas and oil companies.

McDonald was LNP challenger Noeline Ikin’s mentor throughout the campaign. For his efforts, at the weekend Prime Minister Tony Abbott dropped him from his new ministry, much to McDonald’s public disgust and disappointment.

He said he would continue to support Mr Abbott.

If PM Tony Abbott survives an action against him by jailed former One Nation director, David Ettridge listed in the Canberra Supreme Court, then we had better fasten our seatbelts for a tumultuous Liberal party ride. – from Robert J Lee in Cairns

Senators Macdonald and Boswell kill farming industries

Letters to the media by LNP Senator Ian Macdonald and his hopeful colleague Matthew Canavan reveal their serious concern that Bob Katter’s senate candidate might take the spot left by the intended departure of Senator Ron Boswell at the September election.

Of course Boswell’s effortless legacy of his last three terms in which he did nothing except take home his pay wont be hard to fill by a genuine representative of the struggling citizens of Queensland.

Bob Katter has chosen country singer James Blundell to head his senate ticket and take up years of slack left by Senators Macdonald and Boswell, whose contributions, in absentia, to the cattle industry and farming in general have left a generation of producers in financial tatters.

The 25 year free trade dogma of the Liberal Party has decimated our once-proud farming industry where producers have become the price takers of the foreign-owned food cartels.

The so-called independent arbiter of former government-owned, now privatized water and power utilities, the Competition Commission, is a product of three insidious international treaties binding and driving the policies of the two-party system of government we are forced to endure.

Stemming from Liberal Party support of the Lima Declaration 1975, the Nationals 1995 General Agreement on Trades and Tariffs(WTO) and the ALPs 1992 Agenda 21, the economy, businessmen and farmers have been driven into the ground.

The freehold titles of our land have been ripped up.

The sacred cow of the two-party system, the powerful and rapacious ‘big four’ banks have taken out of the national economy more than nine billion dollars in interest in the last year, mostly shelled out by suffering families, unchecked and unabated.

Katter wants to restore our previous system of sovereign development banking to create our own infrastructure to be built by Australian companies.

According to retired Liberal Senator Michael Baume, the Commonwealth Development Bank was shut down by the ALP government in 1995, soon after accusations of irregularities involving then Prime Minister Paul Keating.

On the present course we cannot survive as a nation.