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BRICS will not save western world

Letter to the Editor

“Russia is losing the battle for Christianity as in every decade it tops the stats for highest abortion rate in the world”.

There are so many people here on CN that seriously believe that BRICS will save the (western) world and their lifestyle but it is exactly those “western welfared people” that are going to be the first ones sorted/fleeced and extinct in the coming change.

Welfarism in Western societies will come to an end with the global kosher infused lifestyle change for goyims. Life for citizens will become just as basic and lawless as in ALL Brics member states: The majority of their populations will just have enough to survive (when behaving correctly) and pay their bills while their governments are exactly the same “IN THE NAME OF THE PEOPLE authorities” as in the “West” – caring for the established world order, well disguised and bribed.

China, India or Brazil are no different in regards to “the standard of poverty” of their own people but also have included “their own nobles and leading local faceless directors” that always benefited greatly on whatever change was imposed on the nations in the past, present and equally will in the near future.

Communism, fascism and political correct democracies, what is the difference if all people will become the same anonymous numbers of a society in the “newly created world that benefits exactly the same as in the old world”, just with a different flavor, direction and touch and not so exciting distractions of more and more global conflicts always playing both sides on the divided paddock.

Entertainment as in Bollywood. Live, hypnotizing and numbing to the core until the lights go out – in the head cinema and “on stage”.

The battle for Christianity has been lost with the birth of American evangelicalism and their not so patriotic American, multi citizen, puppet masters hiding beyond their long black beards, black hats, old traditions and millennia old scripts on how to devour and hunt the souls of true believers that have called a better version of “the kosher God” their own.

from Jo


Pat O’Shane calls for lifting of JobSeeker and pension payments

Cairns Anti Poverty Network members gathered this morning outside the Cairns DFO pre-polling centre to send a final message before election day. They called for the next government to slash poverty with a single stroke by lifting the rate of JobSeeker and pensions.

Former Magistrate Pat O’Shane stands up for relieving poverty

“Poverty is a policy choice. And it is the choice that successive governments have chosen for many of us in Far North Queensland”, declared Pat O’Shane, Kuku Yalanji trailblazer, former magistrate, and candidate for Leichhardt.

“I grew up dirt poor in a shack shared with my parents and younger siblings. Today Australia is a rich and modern country, yet poverty is rising again.

“For a short window in the early days of the pandemic this Government significantly lifted the incomes of many people on income support through the Coronavirus Supplement introduced on April 27, 2020.

“That was the day when Australian poverty was slashed in half through a single initiative. Lives drastically improved in Far North Queensland”, she said.

Community housing providers, Access Housing and SHAC (Shelter Housing Action Cairns) reported that their tenants were able to clear rent arrears – in many cases for the first time. St Vincent De Paul saw a 78% decline in requests for assistance in Far North Queensland (April 2020 compared with April 2019).

“But it was short-lived. As the supplement was wound back in early 2021, St Vincent De Paul and other welfare agencies saw requests for emergency relief rise sharply.

“We used to talk about people falling through the cracks. Now increasingly there is no floor.” said Renee Lees, rally organiser, spokeswoman for Cairns Anti-Poverty Network and Senate Candidate.

“This election has heard talk of the housing crisis, cost of living and stagnating wages. But the incomes of Australia’s poorest have largely been overlooked, with neither major party prepared to commit to lifting payments above the poverty line. 

“The Cairns Anti Poverty Network asks voters to assess parties by their commitment to a future where no one is left behind. We ask our next government to choose dignity over poverty and raise the rate of JobSeeker and other income support to at least $70 a day. The Greens and Socialist Alliance have committed to that.” explained Lees.

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