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60 Minutes denies global pedo cult it once exposed as ABC beats denial drum

ABC’s Paul Barry on his Media Watch show, throwing cold water on reports of SRA. Below: Ian Leslie back in 1989 with his explosive report on SRA.

THIRTY-two years ago, 60 Minutes journalist Ian Leslie reported on a British girl who was trapped for 12 years in a satanic cult. Teresa, at age 2, was sent to live with her grandmother who was a leading member of the cult and used her granddaughter in systematic rapes at satanic rituals.

Leslie said it was ‘the most painful and disturbing story’ he had reported on in 27 years of journalism. He had to ask whether Teresa, aged 15 when interviewed, had somehow made it all up. He consulted Ray Wyre, a psychologist and expert on satanic ritual abuse (SRA), who said he believed Teresa’s story. Wyre had heard similar accounts from 21 other SRA victims.

But now, in 2021, talk of satanic pedophile rings is all “conspiracy theory”, according to 60 Minutes new girl Sarah Arbo and the ABC’s Paul Barry. It seems 60 Minutes is suddenly backing away from its decades-long, periodic exposure of high-level satanism and pedophilia networks. No such thing exists, says Arbo, except in the minds of those who follow the “QAnon cult”, that featured in a recent 60 Minutes special.

This latest media talking point that any suggestion of satanic and pedophilia criminal networks is a conspiracy theory, and the real danger is QAnon, would be laughable if it were not serious. A NSW “counter-terrorism specialist” cop named Nick Kaldis has joined in with the lunacy, saying he thinks QAnon is threatening national security.

Kaldis and his media friends appear to think QAnon followers launched an “insurrection” against the United States government on January 6th, 2021. In fact, a quite different story is emerging. People on site filmed teams of hooded people being bussed in to stir up the riot at the Capitol building. This was the crew smashing a window to force entry when the doors had been opened, dramatically abseiling down walls and forcing congressmen and women to run for cover inside. And of course, who could miss the crazy QAnon guy with the horns and facepaint!

Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised with this sort of deep state PR coming from Sarah Arbo, who hails from 10 News and SBS Dateline, and is also a graduate from “a fellowship at CNN headquarters in Atlanta” in 2014. We would love to know exactly what transpired during Arbo’s “CNN fellowship”. Visits, perhaps, to the creepy Vanderbilt estate in Asheville, North Carolina, and the CIA at Langley, Virginia, as part of a “get to know Anderson Cooper” field trip?

Ms Arbo and producers Garry McNab and Darren Ally used their QAnon hit piece to pull 60 Minutes right back into CNN-style denialism of any suggestion of satanism and pedophilia at high levels of society. Perhaps Ms Arbo’s introduction to the Cooper/Vanderbilt/CIA circles included briefings on why celebrity journalists should toe the deep state party line, or alternately, end up like Hollywood pedophilia whistleblower Isaac Kappy, “jumping” to your death off a bridge.

Banging the same drum as Ms Arbo (surprise, surprise) is the Oxford-accented ABC guy Paul Barry, whose Media Watch program recently came out attacking 60 Minutes and journalist Ross Coulthart over his 2014 coverage the pedophile scandal that for years had already enveloped leading people in the UK government. Apparently, there’s serious doubts about the reliability of several witnesses.

Barry devoted an entire Media Watch program to attack Coulthart and the apparently unreliable witnesses to pedophilia crimes they allege were committed by high-level UK politicians. Channel Nine, in a letter to Barry, pointed out that contrary to Barry’s claims, the witness ‘Nick’ was “not a source or a key witness” for their story “in any way whatsoever and no allegation in our story came from him”.

Barry’s report implied that the UK pedophile scandal was not, as Coulthart said, the biggest political scandal in British history and the entire story had “fallen apart” because of “Nick”. One might ask if Paul Barry, the neoliberal anglophile, is an apologist for the corrupt and rotten British political establishment.

Barry’s program totally ignored the facts around the wider, global context of this scandal, not even mentioning Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell or key UK players like the late “Sir” Jimmy Saville, the sleazy BBC poster boy of British pop music and (after his death) accused abuser of hundreds of children in National Health Service facilities and at the BBC.

Saville was a prominent part of the UK and global political game of human trafficking and pedophile compromise and extortion of which Epstein and Maxwell were also key players and who were also given due attention by 60 Minutes … until the earth-shattering “QAnon cult” suddenly appeared.

The cult exposed in Ian Leslie’s report reached into Australia, where Fiona Barnett, Rachel Vaughan and others have similarly spoken out about horrific abuse by cults involving prominent people. Cairns News recently reported on Vaughan’s interview with UK private investigator Shaun Attwood, in which she described the years of satanic ritual abuse at the hands of her father and other members of a cult in Adelaide that came to be known as The Family. The cult was linked to serial murders for which the city became infamous.

For the record, QAnon grew up around a one-way message board pointing to a plan of concerted action against the deep state and the global pedophile cult that operates within it. This plan apparently involved military intelligence and other insiders around President Donald Trump. “The Plan” certainly didn’t roll out to the degree “Q” promised, but Trump did initiate real action against human traffickers that is continuing today in some states, despite the pervert president Biden (whose son Hunter has been revealed in photos as a pedophile offender) reversing the process. Biden, like his pedo predecessor Obama, created big business for the Mexican cartels and their notorious drug and human trafficking operations by ignoring big gaps in the border.

The Democrat plan has always been to flood the US with Mexican and other illegal immigrants to use as cheap labor for their corporate sponsors and to stack them on to the electoral rolls with “guidance” from party operatives working through governments and NGOs. Illegals have also been bussed to election booths for mass vote fraud operations.

The satanic cult stories that have appeared over the years have faced increasing push-back from mainstream media and academic institutions such as the study by Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Va, that selectively focuses on failed cases and recanted reports.

The satanic ritual abuse narrative is disliked by mainstream society and its media for obvious reasons. Political power desires the trust of the bulk of the population, but when the wicked underbellies of many in power are exposed, it’s a problem. Sure, media will expose con men, crime gangs and murderers, but suggestions of high-level crimes involving child sexual abuse and the like are “dangerous conspiracy theories”.

US Chief Justice John Roberts straight out of the swamp

Biden scrapes bottom of the barrel with Lady Gaga singing Stars and Stripes perhaps wearing her red human skin shoes at inauguration ceremony

by Alexandra Bruce

At noon today, Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts is scheduled to swear-in Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as President and Vice President of the United States, respectively.

US Chief Justice John Roberts right out of the swamp swears in fellow swamp creature and family crime boss Creepy Joe Biden as President

 This video gives us some background about Chief Justice Roberts. It was posted on Telegram yesterday morning by superlawyer, Lin Wood in 8 parts, which I strung back together again, uploaded and transcribed, below.

 It’s an interview with a government whistleblower known as JohnHereToHelp (JHTH), in which he describes how Chief Justice Roberts adopted his children with the help of Jeffrey Epstein and then he proceeded to use his children to sexually entrap and blackmail powerful people.

 He says, “Children are often used as a commodity, a way to buy yourself into certain inner circles. And these people are all wealthy, they’re all powerful and they won’t trust you unless you’re as compromised as they are.

 “So you provide children to them. Your children, adopted children, whatever. This is how they trust you and you’re as dirty as they are. You cannot be exposed, because you can’t expose them, they can’t expose you, if everybody’s just as dirty, you know you’re safe.

 “And this is a way for them to buy your way into these inner circles, then get access to whatever. Children are the payment and the dirt and the control.”

 JHTH also details how Roberts helped with some logistics in a plot to kill several Supreme Court Justices during Hillary Clinton’s first term, so that she could then pack the Supreme Court with Globalists/Communists. She wasn’t supposed to lose.

 This FBI false flag operation was foiled when JohnHereToHelp was hired by someone at the office of the Supreme Court to infiltrate them. However, those trained and armed by the FBI to commit mass-murder fell back to a Plan B, to execute Justice Anton Scalia, who was seen as Hillary’s “greatest threat”.


 Interviewer: …Epstein and Supreme Court Justice Roberts initially would have met or how that relationship would have developed?

 JHTH: How they would have met. I think they met when he was under Bush, not too long after he was appointed, somewhere along there, just basically meeting powerful people, something like that.

 [Epstein] did help him with his adopted children. From what was said there and what was discussed openly in this little dirty tricks squad, the children are not genetically related but they’re raised that way, that’s more valuable to them.

 One, if not both were born in Wales but they were in the Epstein channels and they were easily removed from their version of foster care to Ireland, which has much more open adoption-type records.

 And he facilitated this for Roberts so he could adopt them both at the same time. There was a little gap but it was just paperwork and Epstein had done that for him. So, they had met, they had worked together and he was doing favors at some point.

 Interviewer: Was this something that Supreme Court Justice Roberts would have paid for? Or is this a favor exchange to Epstein, to link up with these children, or…?

 JHTH: I don’t know, at that point. It’s possible. It could have been either one. I don’t think there would have been a payment, at that point. I was for his position, there may be some type of favor. I don’t know that either was done. He facilitated it. Was there a payment? Was there a favor? I can’t say.

 Interviewer: Can you go into any more details on Supreme Court Justice Roberts with these children and the circles that he ran in, as far as you’re aware?

 JHTH: Children are often used as a commodity, a way to buy yourself into certain inner circles. And these people are all wealthy, they’re all powerful and they won’t trust you unless you’re as compromised as they are.

 So you provide children to them. Your children, adopted children, whatever. This is how they trust you and you’re as dirty as they are. You cannot be exposed, because you can’t expose them, they can’t expose you, if everybody’s just as dirty, you know you’re safe.

 And this is a way for them to buy your way into these inner circles, then get access to whatever. Children are the payment and the dirt and the control.

 Interviewer: Now, who else would we want to talk to or is there any additional documentation that we can pursue to solidify what you’re saying here today?

 JHTH: The FBI has copies of the videos from the FISA surveillance. It was discussed but I can’t prove it that Roberts had a copy. Rod Rosenstein certainly has a copy. Sean Henry of CrowdStrike, who was FBI at the time, he took two copies back to the FBI with him.

 The copies were made and then, it was actually Sean Bridges who encrypted them and gave them the keys. So there are copies out there.

 Interviewer: And who would be on these tapes, most likely? As far as from your conversations in the trick squad?

 JHTH: From just those tapes and talking about the copies? Those would be Roberts – excuse me – those would be Pence and his two lovers and the younger ones. There were also – they would do the same thing; illegal surveillance or sometimes FISA but this was mostly in the country. Illegal surveillance with Roberts’ children – and whoever they were with.

 They’d set it up. They knew that they weren’t going to be exposed, because these were Chief Justice Roberts’ children. And please keep in mind that these children have been abused since birth and I don’t want anything else happening. They’ve already lived through Hell, they don’t need anything else.

 They were, again, loaned-out for these different groups and they did surveil many of them.

 Interviewer: Now, you also have said, in past discussions that there was a plot that Roberts was allegedly a part of, where they discussed murdering other judges on the Supreme Court under a Hillary Clinton administration, can you give me any details on that?

 JHTH: This was something the FBI set up, under their guidance from their political people. It was going to be a false flag. This was going out 2 years, almost before the election. And it was a Sovereign Citizen group. Obama did not want any terrorism unless it was white terrorism. So, this was a Sovereign Citizen group that the FBI had infiltrated and armed and instigated against other targets.

 They were, for the most part pro-America but they were racist in some of their origins. A lot of them were divorced fathers with a grudge against the court system, anyway and the FBI people had infiltrated and exploited this.

 They moved them up to the level of assassinating Federal judges, political people, things like that. You want the names? I can tell you.

 So, anyway, part of their plot was various types of attacks on the Supreme Court, to take out as many judges as they could and Roberts was aware of this. He actually provided some scheduling, because apparently, the justices are not all there at one time, they come and go as they please – and, “These three will be working something and these three…” and he provided this to the group, so they could finalize their plans.

 They were very, very close in what they were trying to do. They had explosives, all types of automatic weapons, they had rocket launchers and they were very close to it.

 They were going to assassinate F Dennis Saylor, he’s a Federal Judge in Massachusetts and Martha Coakley and Lisa Monaco and her family. They were going to make it look like a home invasion and film it until later, when they needed it.

 And this was their initial attack plan and then, the Supreme Court got infiltrated, at their request. And when I found out what they were doing, that they were going to attack these judges and they were going to pack the Supreme Court, I tried to end-run them.

 I had minders, people kept tabs on me. I had FBI minders but I tried to end-run and expose it and I took all the evidence, I went to Homeland Security, who were overwhelmed and they called in the FBI and then the DOJ, which came right back on me and they picked me up just a few weeks later, when they found out who I was.

 And the damage to their plots had been done. They did get close to assassinating people up there. Lisa Monaco, the judge was under 24/7 security, Martha Coakley had in-state security and I did prevent them from going after the Supreme Court, although their plans were all out, they had maps, they had the weapons, they had everything planned, so at least it prevented something like that.

 Interviewer: Now, were the teams who supposed to do the actual operations against the judges, were those Americans or were they foreign?

 JHTH: No, these were Americans. A third would be these Sovereignty groups and two thirds would be FBI people or people working with the FBI.

 They were going to get rid of them, anyway. They actually have recordings of their planning over the phone – me, as part of this group – and then, they did not hang up the phone – they did not kill the phone and we were listening to them talking about killing me and my wife. Things like that.

 Another time, they actually butt-dialed me and he was talking about – he was on the phone talking to various people – about their plans, about Hillary going after her and what they were going to do to us because we new too much and were outside, at the time.

 So, they could not do what they wanted, we got the people under surveillance, we saved them. As a credit for saving them, they were very upset that their plans had gone to crap, very upset with me, especially when they came and picked me up. But it stopped it. Their plans were written-out, they were like, they had maps, they had surveillance, they had quite a but of equipment.

 Interviewer: What was the timeline they were hoping to do this in?

 JHTH: This would be right after – within the first year of a Hillary Clinton’s presidency. She was not supposed to lose. So, this was all planned-up and it was more than just that. It was a twofold. They wanted to pack the court, they wanted to take out as many as they could. Roberts was actually helping, because he didn’t want to be one of them and he wanted some choice in who would be on the bench after that. He wanted to maintain some form of control, so he did provide information.

 But it was supposed to be done within the first year of Hillary Clinton’s campaign, so that they could ban firearms, as well. And pack the Court. So, they had plenty of time to do that. That was their two main goals.

 Interviewer: Do you believe the death of Anton Scalia was part of this same plot or is that – do you know if that was separate?

 JHTH: It was the same people. He was a backup plan. He was their biggest threat; being the most Conservative justice.

 Justice Scalia, actually, I believe he found out about this; the plans and he went to the White House, like a week before his death. I believe he found out what they were trying to do.

 When they moved away from the overall attack, of where these people lived or making an attack over the holidays, when more than one justice would be in their home, things like this – and again, Roberts was providing this.

 They had to take him out. He was seen as their biggest obstacle. So, the same basic group that was involved were given access to the ranch where he was found.

 They talked about how they did it, they had a couple different options but it was discussed prior to his death; what they intended to do, where they could possibly do it, how they could do it, who they would need.

 The records are there, at the Cibolo Ranch, one person was brought in – it was three men – one person was brought in as a tent worker the other two – same team – were brought in as servants from a group that was there hunting.

 And they discussed how it was done. They used DMSO, dimethyl sulfoxide, which is a fairly inert chemical, just goes through your skin. But if you mixed it with a poison or a drug or something like that, it will go directly into your system and overload you. I believe that’s why he was found with a pillow over his face. He was struggling to breathe. He couldn’t breathe, he was choking.

 And this particular chemical, you can tailor it to the person. If they have a drug problem, you can put fentanyl in it and overdose them. If they have a heart condition, it would take very little to go directly in, it would be like a direct injection into the heart.

 And then, they talked about how they did it and Roberts was on the phone, discussing the successor. And he wanted a say in it, because now, it was only going to be one person and he wanted to pick that person and he wanted a say in who was going to take it – and of course, there was all kinds of talk about Eric Holder taking it and all kinds of people. But he wanted a say in who was going to take over Justice Scalia’s spot.

 And I don’t think he got it. I mean, obviously, he can’t, because President Trump is here. But he did want it and this is all prior to discussions and him complaining that he wasn’t getting any say prior to his death. His sudden death. It was well-known.

 Interviewer: Aside from Roberts being witting on this, did Rosenstein or anyone outside of the White House, had they been made aware of the plans, perhaps in Hillary’s camp that you could speak about?

JHTH: Oh, Hillary was one who knew about it, it was supposed to be done under her watch, her first term, so that they could pack the Court. They were fully aware of it.

 Rod has an intense hatred of Hillary, even though he worked with her when he had to. He’s not fond of Obama, really. He’s only fond of himself.

 But the plan was to be enacted through them and [Rod Rosenstein] was integral in running the Hammer system through Baltimore…

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