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Cheney political dynasty about to get butts kicked by Trump in Wyoming

Evil-eyed neocon Dick Cheney plays the cowboy in a video attacking Donald Trump and defending his daughter Lizzie, pictured (below) in the public limelight of the January 6 show trial committee set up by the Democrats.

“In our nation’s 246-year history there has never been an individual who is a greater threat to our Republic than Donald Trump.” So says Dick Cheney, former Defense Secretary and Vice President under the late George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush, in a video clip he has paid to air on the Fox network.

More than that, Cheney has aligned himself with the election rigging Democratic machine as has his daughter Liz. “He (Trump) tried to steal the last election using lies and violence to keep himself in power after the voters rejected him. He’s a coward. A real man wouldn’t lie to his supporters.”

Again, this from Dick Cheney, the very Defense Secretary and Vice President who lied about Saddam Hussein’s so-called weapons of mass destruction and destroyed an entire nation so it could be rebuilt by the very companies he and his cronies were invested in.

Cheney had earlier directed the Operation Desert Storm in Iraqi, an operation based on a big lie spread by PR company Hill & Knowlton that Saddam Hussein’s soldiers had pulled the plug on babies in incubators in Kuwait. Cheney was also a champion of waterboarding torture for terrorism suspects. He was known by his opponents as Darth Vader and the Prince of Darkness.

This same man was also involved in the notorious “Project for the New American Century”, the blueprint for American economic and military domination of the planet and a Middle East invasion that required “a new Pearl Harbor” event to justify it. And hey presto, along came the 9-11, 2001 inside jobs on the World Trade Centre and Pentagon. Cheney was a very busy man that day.

Dick Cheney is the face of American neoconservatism – the America that runs on endless wars and military and commercial domination of the planet. It’s globalism without the kumbaya, hold-hands-across-the-universe, United Nations sentiment. It’s fascist-style globalism i.e. a combine of global corporate and government military power. Trump openly opposes such a policy.

Cheney was rightfully labelled a warmonger and that was just part of the landscape of being CEO of the weapons and oil contractor Halliburton. He was still on their payroll despite “leaving” the company to take on the office of Vice President of the US. Conflict of interest? Hell no, not for our butt-kicking tough guy Dick.

While Bush’s Vice President, Dick the trigger-happy hunter shot Texas lawyer Harry Whittington in the face, neck and chest during a quail hunting trip. They tried to cover up the incident and Cheney never apologized, but according to some reports Whittington actually apologized to Cheney for causing him such embarrassment.

Dick and backroom federal power politics go back to the Gerald Ford administration when he was the president’s chief of staff. Before that he spent some time at Yale but didn’t graduate. But Yale, being the location of the notorious Skull and Bones fraternity/brotherhood/lodge, is probably where Dicky boy did “graduate”. Interestingly, Cheney found special favour with two of the Bonesmen’s most notable graduates, the Bush senior and junior presidents.

Before her election to Congress on Trump’s coat tails in 2017, Liz already had all the right connections. She was Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs and Coordinator for Broader Middle East and North Africa Initiatives at the US State Department during the George W. Bush administration. Naturally, just like daddy, she promoted regime change in Iran while chairing the Iran Syria Policy and Operations Group with Elliott Abrams.

So, the Cheney family had every reason to consider themselves especially privileged in the political and corporate world and little Lizzie went into Congress as the “power woman” ready to kick ass just like daddy did. She quickly rose up the ranks to chair, just like daddy did, the House Republican Conference, the No.3 position in the House Republican leadership, from 2019 to 2021.

But Lizzie was beginning to fall out of favour with Trump supporters for openly opposing Trump’s foreign policy. Then in 2021 she voted with the Democrats and a group of treacherous neocon Republicans to impeach Trump a second time over the January 6th Capitol riot. Cheney was removed from her prominent party position. So how dare these upstart Trump Republicans remove a Cheney from a position of privilege and power!

Liz became the Republican Trump enemy No.1 and was subsequently invited by Nancy Pelosi to join her January 6 witch-hunt committee, set up with the objective of publicly shaming a legally harassing Trump and his supporters over the provocateur-incited January 6th riot at the Capitol.

Despite her pouting, Ms Liz has become the “star” of the January 6 show trial, with almost daily adulation from the mainstream media for her “non partisan, self-sacrificing dedication to uncovering the truth about January 6th”. Like her Democrat committee buddies, she has used the publicity to raise $13 million for her political campaign, which is already a lost cause.

Liz clearly suffered a major blow to her ego, being removed from the Republican leadership. No doubt daddy Dick felt the rejection too. She became like the jilted woman, hellbent on revenge. Her prospects of winning back her Wyoming Congressional seat are also zero, so she has been forced to seek the Democrat votes in a state that voted 70% for Trump.

Liz also offered her 2 cents worth on the Mar a Lago raid on Trump by the FBI: “America cannot remain free if we abandon the truth. The lie that the 2020 presidential election was stolen is insidious,” she said. “It preys on those who love their country. It is a door Donald Trump opened to manipulate Americans to abandon their principles, to sacrifice their freedom, to justify violence, to ignore the rulings of our courts and the rule of law.”

The reality is that Trump opened a door exposing the corrupt Cheney neocon underbelly of the Republican Party – the “conservative” side of the deep state with its love affair with “special interests” and dark forces inhabiting the halls of influence and power.

This explains the Cheney family’s hatred for Trump and everything he stands for. To call Trump the greatest ever threat to the American republic in its entire history is a crazy, irrational accusation. But with Liz Cheney about to lose her Wyoming seat, the House of Cheney will be dealt a death blow by the global populist/nationalist revolution.

The dirty underbelly of the January 6 Democrat-RINO show trial

Chairman Thompson with Rep. Zoe Lofgren and the Republican reject and Trump hater Liz Cheney.


A SHOW trial is defined by Merriam-Webster as “a trial (as of political opponents) in which the verdict is rigged and a public confession is often extracted”, and so it is with the US Democrats’ so-called Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the US Capitol.

Democrats have teamed up with their lapdog friends at the major media networks to give their show trial of President Donald Trump for his alleged role in the January 6 riot all the pomp and status of a serious public investigation of an attempted coup against the US Congress.

As revealed by investigative reporters from the Revolver media site, the so-called January 6, 2021, coup (riot) was riddled with FBI provocateurs, whose role on the day was exposed and who even appeared on the FBI’s “Most Wanted” list in relation to the riot, but who later disappeared from it.

The central claim that Trump incited or even planned the riot is pure baloney because Trump’s administration offered to send National Guard to the rally when they were tipped off about potential violence. But the request was refused by the House and Senate sergeant at arms, who report to Pelosi.
Democrat Mayor of Washington DC, Muriel Bowser, also rejected the idea.

These essential facts have been omitted from evidence by the committee of nine who spout self-righteously about the big bad Trump and how he sought to overthrow the election and the Congress meeting on the day to approve Biden’s rigged result.

Meanwhile hundreds of Biden’s political enemies, those arrested by the FBI in a massive national operation held in the wake of January 6th, remain in a notorious Washington jail without bail being viciously punished before being convicted of any crime.

A report titled Unusually Cruel released by US congressmen last December, has revealed beatings, psychological torture, forced denunciations of Trump, and denial of basic human needs like hair care, access to religious services and family visits.

Rep. Louie Gohmert cited the case of a prisoner who was put in two weeks “quarantine” (solitary confinement) for daring to ask to see his lawyer in person.

Rep. Majorie Taylor-Greene said the prisoners were being denied bail and were treated worse than terrorist prisoners at Gitmo (Guantanamo Bay prison). She said she and other congressmen had been twice denied access to the jail by its Democrat deputy warden Kathleen Landerkin, which was highly unusual for congressional visits to such facilities.

Taylor-Greene said the jail had a notorious reputation going back to the 1970s for despicable conditions and had been denounced by a string of visiting authorities. She said the January 6 prisoners were being beaten by guards, called white supremacists, denied religious services, haircuts, shaving and even fingernail trimming.

“They are denied time with their attorneys, they are denied time with their families, they are denied time and the ability to even see their families and have their families visit there. They are denied bail … many of these people have never been charged before. Some of them are veterans and the treatment is unbelievable. They are told they are to denounce Trump and told their views are the views of cult members even though these are men that every single night at 9 o’clock they put their hand over their heart and sing the national anthem voluntarily,” Taylor-Greene said.

The deputy warden Landerkin has been called a “raging leftist psychopath” who has placed hundreds of bitter, anti-Trump posts on Twitter, such as quote: “F….. everyone who supports Trump”. That’s a bad public performance for any medium level public servant but for such a person to preside over cruel and unusual treatment of prisoners not yet proven guilty of a crime, and then try to cover it up is an appalling abuse of power.

The FBI’s post-riot investigative sweep across the US targeted people identified on camera as merely being present at the building. Some 840 were arrested in dramatic anti-terrorism style operations. Many were army veterans or just ordinary Americans without convictions who were visiting the big Trump rally in Washington on the day. Most of them simply wandered in after the Capitol Police were overwhelmed and the doors were opened.

The violence involved very few of them – the FBI provocateurs and those hot-headed radicals they were handling from groups like Proud Boys and The Oathkeepers. None were armed except one who was caught with a stun gun and another who had a weapons cache in his truck but was carrying nothing. Only a quarter of them have received criminal sentences, and 80 have received jail sentences.

Rep. Greene said America had two-tier justice system which came down heavily on those seen as conservative or right wing while prosecuting only a few of the thousands of Antifa and BLM supporters who took part in more than 500 riots across America in the summer of 2020 causing over $2 billion in damage. The Capitol riot caused $1.5m in damage, although mainstream media continually cited it as $30 million.

Video of the event is intriguing, showing fit young men rappelling expertly down the walls around the Capitol and another small group smashing a window while the doors nearby were being opened. People on the site started yelling “feds, feds” when they realized a well organised core group was whipping up the hysteria.

Several of the FBI provocateurs have been identified as organisers but ignored in the investigations by the FBI, the January 6 Committee and its subsequent “hearings”, with special production assistance of a former ABC (US) TV producer.

Australian media have been reporting the event as run by a “bipartisan committee” which is an outright lie. There are only two Republicans on the 9-member committee and both are avowed enemies of Trump. The committee itself has been snubbed by the majority of Republicans and is only supported by the RINO Republicans around Vice President Mike Pence.

Notable of the two Republicans is Liz Cheney, the deputy chairwoman of the House Select Committee on the January 6th  attack. Cheney is the entitled daughter of the slimy Dick Cheney, reputed to be “the most powerful vice-president in US history”, who is a suspected key conspirator in the 9-11 attacks and principal spreader of the big lie about Saddam Hussein’s “weapons of mass destruction”. He is a former chairman and CEO of the war-profiteer Haliburton.

Cheney was basically a crypto-fascist, a ruthless supporter of “enhanced interrogation techniques” and national wiretapping by the NSA. His arrogant and privileged power-mongering politics were apparently taken on board by his daughter, who, like other RINO or neoconservative Republicans, found themselves in conflict with the nationalist, populist President Trump.

Liz Cheney hated in particular Trump’s foreign policy, which basically rejected the warmongering of the Bush-Cheney administration. She and nine other anti-Trump Republicans also voted in favour of the second impeachment attempt now underway. Cheney, naturally, was a mover and shaker in Republican circles, being chairwoman of the House Republican Conference, but opposition to her anti-Trump role grew and after two attempts she was removed.

This was a bitter blow to the powermonger Cheney and led to an approach from the sly old Californian Democrat witch Nancy Pelosi, who appointed her to her January 6 committee – the ideal platform for Cheney to extract revenge upon Trump and by default, his followers.

So now we see Cheney right up where she wants to be: In front of the cameras of the national TV networks and plastered over all the old media newspapers, directing another political assassination of Donald Trump while the media drools – ignoring the economic crisis engulfing America.

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