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Electric cars in Australia as handy as an ashtray on a motorbike

This is a boneyard near Paris, France with hundreds of electric powered cars. Mind you these are only cars used by the City of Paris and not personal vehicles. All of these have the same issue,…. the battery storage cells have given out and need replacing Why not just replace them you ask? Well two reasons. First the battery storage cells cost almost double what the vehicle cost when new, and second no landfill or disposals will allow the batteries to be disposed of there. So these green fairy tale electric cars are all sitting in vacant lots while their batteries drain toxins into the ground.

Useless electric cars with a range of 200 kilometres only useful in major cities provided there is a power point. Using home mains power takes all night to recharge if you are lucky, but then mains power is generated by coal – thank God!

Still think we need to go green???

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