Our SAS soldiers, recognised as the best in the world have been sorely humiliated, degraded and destroyed by our media and false allegations made by faceless men! These brave and fearless men have been broken, they are fighting to retain their sanity, dignity, relationships and to understand how this could happen in Australia, the country they fought so hard to protect.

Sue Roberts-Smith and husband Len, parents of Ben Roberts-Smith VC

They will travel overseas on a trip of a lifetime. Once again ‘a band-of-brothers’ united in their sorrow and anguish. Their mission is “RECOVERY”. They will be physically challenged every day, but together I know they will come home stronger and happier. I am asking for your help in assisting me to raise money to send our boys on their journey of recovery. There are at least 20 to 30 men.

I would appreciate if you can send this message to your contacts, organisations, clubs, business etc and then we may reach our mark for funding. The cost of living has soared, but every dollar you can find will count for these men who need us now.

They have been in our corner for years, it is now time we were in theirs. A group called Young Veterans are going to help take donations and issue tax deductible receipts to you.

You can find them and what they do at https://www.youngveterans.com.au

Bank Details: Young Veterans Westpac Account details:

BSB 034-676. Account: 489905 Reference word: Kokoda. (The word “Kokoda” will ensure that your donation goes into the right account). Thank you so much for your support.

I look forward to reporting back to you within the next couple of months that they are on their way.

Thank you,

Sue Roberts-Smith