WEF President of France Emmanuel Macron is warned by military, fix up the raging civil war “or we will”

France has seen unprecedented rioting over the last few days following the shooting of Nahel M. Former Chief of the Armed Forces of France who fell out with Macron over his globalist policies has said, according to respected commentator Jim Ferguson, that the military are set to intervene next week.

He has been a critic of European policy on Ukraine also and has stated that the Russo-Ukraine War is “not in the interest” of European nation-states, arguing that the war’s continuation is, however, in the interests of the United States government.

While speaking with the French cable channel BFMTV, General Pierre de Villiers, the former Chief of Staff of the French Armed Forces, argued that—instead of following the high-risk, escalators policies of the United States—European countries ought to be working towards de-escalating the war in Ukraine, the Paris-based Le Figaro reports.

Alas whether this comes to pass or not is another matter.