The shocking EudraVigilance statistics on post-vaccination deaths and injuries.


NATIONAL Party corporate captive David Littleproud (above), has come out on behalf of the Coalition on national TV supporting Labor’s push to force social media companies into censoring so-called disinformation and misinformation.

Labor has drawn up legislation, now supported by the Coalition, to force big tech and other platforms on to “industry standards”. If the new disinfo/misinfo rules are broken, the company gets fined 5 per cent of its global turnover. This appears to be primarily directed at Twitter, that stopped most of its censorship when Elon Musk took over.

Littleproud, the Shadow Minister for Agriculture, came on Channel Nine’s Today show to clearly demonstrate what side he is on. “What the government’s trying to do here makes sense,” he said. “It does come back to the policing part of it, but it is important. Social media will kill this country with what’s on it at the moment – some of the rubbish that’s on there,” he said with a thinly veiled sneer.

One must wonder exactly what “rubbish” on social media Littleproud and his Coalition and Labor Party buddies are worried about. Was it the constant stream of monstrous Covid vaccine lies pushed by the Coalition and Labor governments? If ever there was an example of mass propaganda and disinformation, that was it.

And yes, it was the exposure of the Covid and vaccine lies that has prompted this attack on free speech. The Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, Communication and Arts admits in its announcement of the legislation last year: “During the COVID-19 pandemic, rampant disinformation and misinformation on social media undermined public health efforts to contain and treat the virus. More than 4 in 5 Australians reported having experienced COVID-19 misinformation in the 18 months to June 2021.”

The hubris of Canberra public servants and politicians to come out with something like this is astonishing, but not surprising, given the global money bags and their stooges like Jane Halton who push the “global narrative” through government-corporate networks. In the plandemic they showed their hand as a cabal willing to maim and kill large numbers of people to line their own corporate pockets and then lie that they “saved humanity”.

In the US the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting Services (VAERS) figures speak for themselves – more than 280,000 reported injuries post mRNA injections for 2022. But even these figures could be understated as the European death and injury reports (EudraVigilance) are much higher at 2.125 million to November 12, 2022, with 48,817 deaths reported post vaccination by the five main Covid vaccines. Health authorities, of course, point out that “correlation is not causation”, as if the figures are nothing to be concerned about.

As for official “misinformation” the poster boy of the US Covid vaccination program, Dr Peter Hotez, has been made to look like an utter fool and serial liar, merely by people recording his series of statements and stringing them together on videos posted on Twitter and other platforms.

Hotez was recently challenged to a debate on the Joe Rogan Show with Robert F. Kennedy Jnr, the lawyer and campaigner for safer vaccines who is running for US President on the Democrat platform against the decrepit old crook Biden. Kennedy has been blackballed by major media because of his refusal to accept big pharma and government propaganda that paints every vaccine as “safe and effective” regardless of how many people it maims or kills.

In the unlikely event that RFK Jnr wins the Democratic nomination to contest the presidency, he would be in danger of meeting the fate of his grandfather JFK and father Bobby Kennedy, because he is one candidate who refuses to be bought by big pharma. Donald Trump, who received big pharma money for his campaign, has still refused to take an anti-vaccine stance after signing off on the notoriious Operation Warp Speed. Maybe Trump is simply trying to avoid the inevitable storm of abuse that comes with being labeled an anti-vaxxer.