Letter to the Editor

I have just read your article regarding the above and believe I have information that relates to similar happening in the lead up to the 2019 Federal election in the seat of Warringah where Tony Abbott lost his seat.

Australian Electoral Commissioner Tom Rogers presides over one of the most corrupted bureaucracies in the country

There were a number of different ways increasing enrolments was done including large numbers of people enrolled at the one address, excessive numbers of new enrolments in the electorate and where boxes of pre-poll votes had been accessed prior to close of voting/voting day.

The first thing that got my attention was a post I found on Facebook by someone who identified herself as an AEC worker who happened to mention that she had noticed while updating data, a large number of people (approx 200) enrolled using one address which was a single residential property not a block of units.

She mentioned that she had taken the information to her supervisor who told her not to worry as it would all come out in the wash post-election.

At the time a number of readers commented that she could lose her job posting this info if her post was noticed by the wrong people so she removed it.

This made me hyper vigilant that something was not kosha and that it appeared it could be a deliberate attempt to oust Mr Abbott, so I started looking up the number of new enrolments in the electorate and compared it to similar established but still growing electorates including McPherson (Qld) and there did appear to be a much higher than usual number.

Both my husband and myself read articles (at different times) that mentioned that boxes of Warringah pre poll votes which usually favour the incumbent had been opened before they were supposed to be which is post-closing time on election day. The article mentioned that boxes that had been tampered with should as per AEC policy have to be discarded.

The Monday following the election I contacted the Head office of the AEC and was told that nothing could be done as had conceded and the seat awarded.

I asked how these issues could be just ignored and like the young AEC worker was told it would all come out in the post election wash up. I was advised that I could put my concerns in writing but was advised there was nothing that could be done to change the outcome.

So incensed was I by all the above that I joined a minority Political Party in 2021 and volunteered as a Scrutineer at the 2022 Federal Election.  During conversation I learnt that the Liberal Party lady had been flown up from Sydney to act as Scrutineer (small booth at Tallebudgeera) which I thought was a huge cost for such a small booth. 

The following day I contacted my line supervisor and advised him of what I had witnessed that evening after we had both been advised (verbal and written) by head AEC lady at booth that under no circumstances were we to touch ballots.  The minority Party forwarded my complaint of what I had witnessed along with many other complaints from this and other electorates to the Senate hearing.

I have spent thousands of hours researching elections and related issues, both in Australia and the United States. Unless action is taken to change the systems, and ensure our Electoral Rolls are correct/up to date and ensure it is impossible for intervention by outside sources the Citizens of Australia can never be assured of Fair elections in the future. It is bad enough that both Qld (State and Local Gov), Victoria and possibly more States and Federal have outsourced the Electoral Roll, coding and God knows what else to Chinese owned Company (Konnech) which has been shown to have ties to the CCP.


Susan Doyle

Gold Coast

Editor: We have received numerous letters about electoral fraud that Mr Rogers ignores, under instruction by the political duopoly. We have forwarded our evidence to several federal Liberal and minor party MHR’s and senators for their response, if any.