From Cossack Colonel Yuri Komonyiski

Fierce fighting took place on the night of the 7th along the Zaporozhye frontline, where the RF military spent months constructing multiple lines (5) of minefields, trenches, gun emplacements, and anti-tank obstacles. A pre-emptive strike by artillery, aviation and anti-tank weapons stopped the 4-way assault withdrew with heavy losses. The Ukrainian 47th mechanised brigade attacked with a total strength of up to 1,500 troops and 150 armoured vehicles, but were repelled. Total estimated losses in the Zaporozhye direction are: Tanks- 33, БМП (infantry fighting vehicle) – 28, ВВМ (armoured assault vehicle)– 38,САУ (long range artillery unit)– 3, Personnel– 945.

From June 4th-8th, the enemy lost close to 400 armoured vehicles, 115 tanks and close to 5,000 personnel on the Zaporozhye, Artemovsk, and Southwest Donetsk Tactical Regions. The intensity of the enemy attacks have decreased, however, a whole army of reservists await to attack. The attacks will continue. So far no settlements have been lost (some changed hands but are back under RF control). The number of dead and equipment destroyed on a daily basis is difficult to fathom. The RF has been prepping around the clock waiting for the offensive and have managed to destroy 12 leopard tanks in one day. The offensive started in the Donbass region marked by the first confirmed use of German Leopard 2 tanks. The initial wave of attacks was successfully repelled by the RF and Wagner’s.

However, the Ukro’s are yet to engage their main forces and drive large tank wedges into RF forward positions. The Ukro’s have at their disposal roughly 600 tanks excluding the infantry fighting vehicles. Even though the Ukro’s took heavy losses at no point on the front did they break through even the 1st line of defence. The enemy engaged battle in large masses and with renowned foreign equipment. Their aviation, artillery, reconnaissance, engineers and sapper units defined themselves with excellence, respect to the Ukrainians.

Kakhovskaya hydroelectric dam

The Ukro’s under the direction of the NATO horde enacted a major “terrorist act” on the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric dam. Even though they bombed the dam for months in the end they used several pontoons stacked with mines to breach the wall they waited until the dam was close to overflowing. The flooding impacted 80+ settlements, numerous dead and may yet affect the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant water cooling supply. The fools bet it would cut the water supply to Crimea however it has flooded both sides of the low lands exceeding 17 m in height causing both the RF and Ukro military positions to be evacuated.

The Ukrainian units left their positions along the northern bank of the Dnieper River prior to the destruction of the dam.  Crimea sourced water from the dam luckily the local dams have sufficient water to last 500 days. The enemy hopes to flood RF minefields making it easier to land troops and form bridgeheads. The attack was no surprise for the RF having pre-equipped reserve positions on high ground. The Ukro’s flooded themselves and are now retreating from their positions under Russian fire. When conditions permit, the parties will rush to occupy previous positions like musical chairs.

RF destroyed 12 Leopard tanks in one day(warning graphic images direct from RF on the front)

Russia flagged the UN/Kiev’s intent to destroy the dam in October 2022. Dams like Nova Kahkovka are protected under laws of war and the Geneva convention. According to Article 56 of the 1977 Additional Protocol I:

“Works and installations containing dangerous forces, namely dams, dykes and nuclear electrical generating stations, shall not be made the object of attack, even where these objects are military objectives, if such attack may cause the release of dangerous forces and consequent severe losses among the civilian population. Other military objectives located at or in the vicinity of these works or installations shall not be made the object of attack if such attack may cause the release of dangerous forces from the works or installations and consequent severe losses among the civilian population.”

However this doesn’t seem to apply to NATO or their puppets. The Ukro offensive started a week ago, and so far the RF is holding the line. The Ukro’s are taking horrendous losses at this rate they’ll burn thru all of their UK/Poland trained cannon fodder. The US has dropped 12,000 special forces mercs (reservists) into Poland moving into the Ukrainian fray on the sly in small groups our guys are mincing them up with the rest of the cannon fodder so far, the US mercs have failed to impress. With the flooding the Ukro’s moved a portion of their men to the Bakhmut region. Ukro’s are attempting to take back Bakhmut thru an offensive, to-date every attempt to penetrate the first line of defense has been repelled. The RF is well established into former Ukro positions. There 2 large corps were smashed (Lisichansk area) a great of deal of men and machines wasted.

Numerous black mercs (skin color) were encountered during trench fighting. It resulted in many using shovels to fight due to close combat conditions. Many of them were hooked on NATO’s battle drug no matter how hard they were hit they just kept coming. Turns out the optimal solution was to use an AK47 and head shots. Recently following an artillery strike 12 dead US mercs were found, the other mercs were able to carry out some of the bodies, this was a first for the cossacks. We are under the opinion that there are no more Ukrainians just Poles and mercs.

At the start of the SMO and following the US injection of $200 billion over 8 years Ukraine had 500,000+ well-armed, motivated troops the most formidable army in Europe (excluding RF). Russia started with ~200,000 troops. Hence the fallback in September 2022 was unavoidable. Now that the Ukraine army has been decimated several times and what remains is 200,000 kidnapped conscripts, it’s an entirely different scenario. The former Ukro troops were battle-hardened by their war of genocide against Donbass. At the start of the SMO most Russian soldiers had not seen war, a critical distinction now the army has tasted blood.

I expect that once the Ukro’s have been exhausted then the RF will commence its offensive. The Canadians, US, Poles and to lesser extend the Australians have established a military presence on the ground. They will soon have the opportunity to face the RF we don’t have high expectations for them. The Swiss and the Dutch have depleted their arsenals and we hear that they are considering exiting the military program, while Germany is starting to howl that the cost is too great.

While the NATO horde plays at war games, the UN is facing an exit of a number of their members ie., India, China, Argentina, Brazil, UAE, Mongolia.  It appears that 80% of their constituent members are looking at departure. Many are unimpressed with the decision making of this corrupted organisation. The Turks want all US bases within Turkey emptied of Americans by years end. Erdogan is convinced they tried to influence the elections and remove him from power so that their puppet could take over. 30 countries have applied to join the BRICS, they arrive almost weekly.

Currently: Algiers, Argentina, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bahrain, Belarus, Venezuela, Egypt, Zimbabwe, Indonesia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Nigeria, Nicaragua, UAE, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Syria, Sudan, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, Uruguay are interested in signing up. Kiev’s administration building are being levelled, Ukraine’s RADA (parliament) has relocated to Poland.  The Poles are changing the law to make it extremely difficult for Ukrainians to stay in Poland.

Statute 106 and 107 (Capítulo XVII: Acuerdos transitorios sobre seguridad) of the UN Charter gives Russia, as the legal successor and the victor of WWII, (USSR), the right to take any measures, including military ones, against Germany, Hungary, Austria, Romania, Bulgaria, Finland, Croatia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and the former Ukraine for their attempts to revive Nazism. Gen. Sec. Guterres was surprised when Putin described the UN Charter article authorising a Russian “special military operation”. Russia has the right to pursue Nazis and liquidate them wherever and whenever it wants. Thus, according to the UN Charter, Russia has not exceeded the bounds of international law, unlike some countries that have become Nazi revivalists and accomplices.

Russia shut down Ukrainian air defense, and succeeded in decrypting the Ukro’s comms system in real time. UK special forces operate on the front line in Ukraine, helping attack the RF. Elite British forces serve as key conduits between NATO and the Ukro’s coordinating Ukraine’s sabotage op’s against Russia.

Its no secret that the Chinese are grouped in the Rostov area and are awaiting orders to enter the conflict zone. The North Koreans are proving effective in the forested conditions they enter enemy camps at night and carve out enter division may sleepless nights are ahead for the Ukro’s. RF believes that in the next 3-4 months the NATO horde will supply decommissioned F-16’s, with merc (NATO) pilots. General Armageddon, is forming dedicated aviation regiments, equipped with advanced fighters and bombers to hunt down the F-16s. The RF is fighting to save people to protect Russians, the US has never waged a war with this aim, that’s the difference. 

Sample PMC Wagner Recruitment advertising for personnel – Key requirements:
            • age 22 thru 50, military service is optional;
            • a contract with a salary of 240,000 rubles, and performance bonuses;
            • health and life insurance, a guarantee of all payments;
            • provision of quality consumables & equipment;
            • a team focused on effective work and victory.