A 12 or 20 gauge coach gun is a perfect deterrent for home invaders

From Cairns Post and Cairns News

A Whitfield resident has spoken of the moment she ran to her neighbour’s side as the woman screamed that her home had been “invaded by a man with a gun”.

Candy Willis was preparing food in her kitchen when she heard a loud scream coming from a nearby residence about 10am. “I wasn’t sure if it was just neighbours’ kids or someone actually screaming,” Ms Willis said.

“I heard another scream and realised it was a lady so I hurriedly walked over with a neighbour from across the street and she was out the front crying that her home had been invaded by a man with a gun.”

Police on Tuesday afternoon said there was no gun involved in the home invasion, and a house-breaking implement had likely been mistaken for a weapon.

While the second neighbour was helping the woman calm down, Ms Willis called the police and gave them the ­description of the assailant provided by the victim.

She said the man was of young appearance, in his late teens, and ran when the neighbour began to scream.

“The girl couldn’t call because she didn’t have her phone. I guess the guy took it from her,” Ms Willis said.

She said it was the third home invasion in as many weeks. “I was robbed three weeks ago,” she said.

“My daughter was home with the dogs and thankfully scared them off.

“Another day, one of our neighbours came out to find someone taking everything from his living room while he was in the bedroom.

“They’re not waiting until night time anymore; they don’t care if you’re home or not.”

The daughter of the victim, who did not wish to be named, said she was shocked the incident happened in broad daylight, and that her mother had been targeted “a few times”.

“There used to be some suburbs that were safe, some family-friendly suburbs, but now it’s all unsafe,” she said.

Ms Willis said despite all residents installing security cameras, crime in the area was becoming increasingly worse.

“You don’t feel safe in your home,” she said. “They don’t care if you’ve got big scary dogs, high fences or a security system. It doesn’t stop them.

“I’m a local, I’ve lived here all my life and we never had it like this when I was a kid.”

Earlier, a rescue chopper was deployed to assist police in the wake of Ms Willis’ report as a search unfolded for what was described as a “stolen car”.

A Queensland Police Service spokesman said they were called to a job on Atherton Street in Whitfield on Tuesday morning at 10.15am, following reports of a stolen car.

Police, with the assistance of the Rescue 510 helicopter, were scanning the area by air to spot the stolen vehicle.

The neighbourhood was under close supervision by police and investigations are on going.

Home invasions can have indelible effects on women at home alone leaving them with permanent anxiety and fear.

This dangerous behavior is unacceptable in Australia today and soon women or children will face another physical attack when it could have been prevented with a firearm. Loaded or unloaded guns are the only language these despicable invaders understand and homeowners are left with no choice.

Why should a woman or child be scarred forever by one of these maggots? These criminals would think twice if they though there was a gun on the property and the owner as first respondent was prepared to use it.