Letter to the Editor

Dr Bhakdi a dual citizen (Thai/German) was one of the very first Doctors to warn of the dangers of the experimental injection.

He was part of the doctors4covidethics group of Doctors who believed in Medical ethics and ‘Do no harm’.

His comments in describing the devastation to come, the deaths, the injuries, the long term consequences, were there to provide descriptive imagery of how he saw it would unfold, while those who claim ‘antisemitism’ forget they are not the only ones in history who have had to face genocide.
Dr Bhakdi’s was a warning of a different kind.

He was not the only one that could see what would unfold.

All this latest development does is highlight that every excuse will be thrown at people to shut them down.
Every comment filed away or taken out of context by keyboard warriors.
Any legal paragraph with a dash of truth used to threaten and bully.

That’s where we are now.

Dr. Jane Ruby questions Dr Malone…..and gets sued for asking.
Mark Latham gives a retort to a NSW gay Politician who fired the first shot…and gets sued.
Dr Bhakdi upsets sensibilities….and gets sued.

Those who have been courageous enough to put truth on the line, and ask questions for the rest of us deserve good will to come back to them now.
To say Dr Bhakdi, a practicing Buddhist was ‘inciting’ is just more lies.
That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Truth is no longer the foundation on which judgements are made.
Most people are cowards.
While very few dare speak, the rest remain silent.

Free speech is the last frontier.
Once you lose that, you have lost.

They know it, and we know it.

From Dandy