By Lyndesy Symonds

Check out our Attorney General and Minister for Justice, MINISTER FOR WOMEN and Minister for the Prevention of Domestic and Family Violence: Shannon Fentiman.

What is a woman? According to Shannon – ” Let’s be inclusive. Anyone who identifies as a woman, is a woman. And as the Minister for Women, I take a really inclusive approach. And we want to govern for all Queenslanders. But all people who identify as a woman are part of our policies and strategies to advance gender equality because gender equality is inclusive. It is not one group advancing at the expense of another. Let’s be inclusive and bring everyone with us.”

Qld Attorney General Sharon Fentiman may want to be a cat?

And around and around we go. Don’t you have to have a law degree and understand logic to be an AG? In the Communist state it is OK to pretend that you are the AG and everyone has to go along with that.

Let’s be inclusive is a game of let’s pretend. As a policy it can not work. In the Inclusive Game anyone can pretend to be whatever they want and the Communist State then enforces that pretense upon other people. Someone decides to pretend she is a pony and the local pony club has to stable her. A man decides that he is a nursing mother and the Nursing Mother’s Assoc has to accommodate him. Under this impending UNDRIP Treaty, someone can identify as an Aboriginal and get a slice of the rent monies from Whitey. The Box Tickers in the Aboriginal Industry are doing this now, keeping the money for themselves – and how is that working?

The Inclusivity Gig is very much a matter of ‘one group advancing at the expense of another’. In the Marxist Culture Wars, the whole ‘trans-phobic’ assault is positioned against the genetic female sexuality and identity and how this is worked out in the social sphere. This is about a group of males who are advancing at the expense of the female, of women and our space, privacy and modesty. Our free right of association with other women is at issue here. And the Trans have the power of the Communist state to back them in this advance. This is about your daughter or grand daughter and her right to change in the girls locker room at school without males present, especially adult males ‘identifying’ as teen age girls. This is about your daughter or grand daughter’s right to go to a girls’ school and be educated without the distraction of males / competition with males AND VICE VERSA. This is about the right of women to form groups around our female identity and its many expressions across a range of social, cultural and spiritual associations.

Editor: What if someone wants to identify as a horse? Will Sharon feed him hay?